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Competitive Spirit Destroyed


Smash Rookie
Jan 18, 2015
I keep trying to play every other day but with the new onslaught of newcomer knowledge and understanding of each character's devices, I can't seem to even match up well against Elite smashers. I lose more than I win and I'm getting so angry and hate myself and them for this gap. I can't get my head wrapped around specific things that happen, like why did I die at 50 percent to Terry's special 100+ attack that hits way up in the air, or why did Shulk's form change just give him what looked like invincible or intangible frames against my Wonder Wing? Stupid little **** like this, and the fact that FD is constantly chosen each match even in subsequent rematches just gets my blood boiling. I can't fight this urge to just quit trying, man. All I ever play smash for anymore is the fact that Banjo is in the game.

Would you guys have any advice for a recluse like to learn matchups easier? Is there a compendium of smash knowledge easier to access than just straight up going to each character board's character threads and hopefully finding nuggets of wisdom I'm missing? I've been to some locals and won a couple, but there's a consistent top 3 that I can never ever best here in the Springs so I just stopped going. I can't place in money, and that's what makes me feel accomplished is placement where it matters. I usually place at MOST 3rd now, if not 5 or 6th typically. It's frustrating.


Potassium, potassium
Sep 26, 2008
The Time Gate
You can try watching the BeefySmashDude's channel, they'll teach you neat tricks you can use to sharpen your gameplay.

Another thing you can do is record replays of fights you lost and watch them, see what's stagnating your gameplay and improve from there.
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