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Charizard Matchup Discussion - Link

Swamp Sensei

Today is always the most enjoyable day!
Jan 4, 2013
Switch FC
I'm gonna go ahead and say it.

Charizard wins.

This is one of the few projectile characters that we win. Everything Link throws out can be Flare Blitzed and/or takes a relatively good amount of commitment on his part. Only issue is bombs really, and those can be dealt with.

Still, Link kills early, so we need to remember that we can't just rush him.

It's one of those, "we win, but if we mess up things could go very bad very fast" matchups.


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Oct 31, 2009
The Netherlands
Charizard also has a good combination of features to avoid Link's dthrow stuff, here's the info, note where you gotta DI to make everything worthless:
0%: Charizard can airdodge or simply DJ to avoid U-tilt, but then he can also take the hit with the super-armor of Up-B or Down-B and then inflict more damage on you than you did to him.

10%: As above.

20%: As above except Down-B will not help Charizard avoid U-tilt any more and Up-B will no longer hit Link.

30%: U-tilt is only avoidable by DIing behind Link then DJing away or airdodging, or by DIing in front and away from Link then DJing.

40%: As above except Charizard can also avoid U-tilt be DIing away in front of Link then airdodging.

50%: As above except Charizard can also avoid U-tilt be merely DIing the D-throw away in front of Link.

60%: As above except Charizard can also avoid U-tilt be merely DIing the D-throw behind Link.
Platform Drop Up-B works.

70%: U-tilt is out of range and Platform Drop Up-B no longer works. Nothing works.

Beyond, nothing works, but at around 100% you may as well go for FH Uairs. Charizard can avoid it entirely by DIing away then DJing away, but without DI if Charizard airdodges his airdodge will end before he lands allowing us to hit him with the long-lasting hitbox of Uair.
This means Charizard can shield for free, if he gets grabbed he gets 6 damage at most and Link gets some minor positioning of the kind Charizard easily destroys; if the grab misses Charizard naturally has a very damaging punishing game.
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