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Aug 25, 2014
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Here's a list of how good characters can remove Pikmins attached to them and what options they have.

I looked at how good options characters have at removing pikmins. How many they remove, how consistently, how many options they have, and how good the options they use are in neutral.

General stuff worth noting:

-Pikmins can be attached when Olimar uses Pikmin Throw (Side-B).

-All Pikmins can be attached except Purple.

-All pikmins have a hurtbox and Hit Points, the amount of damage they can take before they die. The HP varies between color, Purple has most, white has least.

-Pikmins can be hit pre-emptively before they are attached, as a way of protecting yourself against Side-B.

-Pikmins attached deals a certain damage (depending on pikmin and flowering) and after they jump of the character back to Olimar's line-up. The higher percents the less will the pikmins pummel. So they can theoretically deal more damage on lower percent, since they last longer on the character.

-Pikmins will get attached even if you shield. But you can powershield them, reflecting them back.

-Pikmins pummel does shield damage if you try to shield while having them attached to you.

When having a pikmin attached certain moves can act differently than what expected:

-Sometimes when firing a projectile, it can hit the pikmin attached and thereby not continue to move forward.

-Sometimes when you throw an item, it will hit the pikmin attached to you rather than continue forward.

-Sometimes certain moves will triggered immediately when by having a pikmins on the character, such as Falcon's Side-B, Wario's D-air etc.

-When you have a pikmin attached to you, you can use counter and the counter will get triggered because of the pikmins pummel.

When making the ratings these are the things I considered:
How many options the character has
How effective these options are at removing pikmins.
How safe these options are.
How common these options are. This one is important if the player facing the Olimar doesn't have any match-up experience.


1: Worst, got few options, and those are really bad.

2: Bad, got quite a few options, and those are quite bad.

3: Mediocre, got average options, either only one good options, or many mediocre.

4: Good, got solid options, and quite common as well.

5: Excellent, got excellent options, press a button, removes all pikmins.


Notable options: D-tilt, U-tilt, F-air, B-air, Flame Breath (Side-B), Ledge-Attack (1-99%)

Rating: 1.5

Comment: Bowser got horrible options of removing pikmins. Jab doesn't work, neither does N-air and Up-B. D-tilt is a godsend, being his best option, Side-B and F-air are also good. The problem is that those options are slow and punishable. And one other problem is that most attacks Bowser has seems to not remove all pikmins only some. The only thing that's positive is that most of Bowser options are so strong that they not only removes pikmins but also kills them.


Notable options: Jab, N-air, B-air, Stomp (D-air)

Rating: 4

Comment: Falcon got great options of removing pikmins, because of how safe and common they are. Jab and N-air are excellent options, and B-air and Stomp (D-air) works as well. U-air and Knee (F-air) doesn't work well however, so keep that in mind. Also one interesting thing is that Raptor Boost (Side-B) can get intercepted by pikmins, meaning that it gets triggered immediately. This is a big deal if you're trying to get a read with a grounded or when recovering with the airial version, since if it gets triggered early, you're likely to get punished.


Notable options: F-tilt, U-tilt, F-smash, U-smash, U-air, Up-B

Rating: 1

Comment: Charizard got horrible options at removing pikmins. The ones stated above are sort of the only options. Jab doesn't work well, and his only airial seems to be U-air. Flamethrower doesn't work either.


Notable options: Jab, U-tilt, N-air, F-air, Jet Hammer (Down-B)

Rating: 2

Comment: Dedede has quite bad options of removing pikmins. All his neutral seem to work, but they're quite inconsistent, and often only removes 1 or 2 pikmins, not all. The ones I listed above seems to be the best and most consistent.


Notable options: Jab, D-smash, U-Smash, N-air, F-air, U-air, Glide Toss Down

Rating: 4

Comment: Diddy Kong has great options with jab and N-air and U-air being very consistent. F-air and D-tilt also works, but they are less consistent. His smashes also work, but they are punishable, but still it's an option. Interestingly enough Gilde Toss Downwards seems to work but it's really hard and tricky and inconsistent. I think you have to do like a middle-length glide toss down to make it work, most of the times it doesn't work. Could be a great option since Diddy often has his Peel in his hands, if you can figure out the timing.


Notable options: Jab 1 & 2, F-tilt, D-tilt, Dash-attack N-air, B-air, Up-B

Rating: 4

Comment: All of DK's main approach options work excellently at removing pikmins. D-tilt works surprisingly well at this, and N-air is a go-to option. Jab work less well however.


Notable options: Jab, F-tilt D-tilt, U-tilt, N-air, B-air, D-air, Shine (Down-B),

Rating: 4

Comment: Falco has superb options of removing pikmins, Shine being his possible best. Not only are those options common, but they seem to remove all pikmins as well. Blaster (Neutral-B) can remove pikmins by shooting them, however this is probably more in Olimar's favor because the laser will hit the pikmin on himself resulting in that the laser not hiting Olimar. Also lasers can easily stop pikmin being thrown towards him.


Notable options: Jab, U-tilt, N-air, B-air, Drill (D-air), Shine (Down--B)

Rating: 4

Comment: Blip, and all pikmins are gone. The shine is ridiculously good at removing pikmins, even better than Falco's. F-tilt and D-tilt doesn't work as well as Falco's but it doesn't matter much. His airials are also good options. Lastly his blaster is ridiculous, just holding B on the ground stops pikmins! His blaster+his Shine alone probably wins the match-up.


Notable options: Jab, All Tilt's, U-smash & Dacus, F-air, N-air, Up-B

Rating: 4

Comment: F-air and N-air are clearly the best options removing all pikmins consistently. His neutrals seems to work but inconsistently, removing only 1 pikmin on a specific spot. His other airials are good but clearly not as good as N-air and F-air. U-smash and Dacus also works if you want to approach using that options, and Up-B removes some pikmins as well. Worth noting is that Bacons (Neutral-B) can stop pikmins on the way.


Notable options: Jab, D-tilt,N-air, F-air, B-air, U-air, D-air, Cape (Neutral-B),

Rating: 4

Comment: The Cape is probably his best option, not only removing pikmins but also has the ability to reflect them. All other options mentioned above works excellently. One interesting thing is that Down-B can sometimes remove pikmin attached to him, but doing so alters the attack. If the Down-B hits the pikmins it drastically loses momentum and distance forward, going slower and less far. Ganon's Cape (Neutral-B) can not only reflect Pikmin Throw (Side-B) but also Olimar's F-smash.


Notable options: Jab, All Tilts, All Smashes, N-air, F-air, B-air, D-air, Ice Block (Neutral-B), Blizzard (Down-B), Squal Hammer (Side-B)

Rating: 3

Comment: Ice Climbers got OK options of removing pikmins. On the ground specials are preferred, nutrals work but they're less effective as specials. In the air N-air is really good.


Notable options: Jab 1-3, F-tilt, U-tilt, N-air, F-air, B-air, U-air, Eruption (Neutral-B),

Rating: 4

Comment: Ike got good options of removing pikmins, but they seem a bit inconsistent, N-air works really well when it works, Jab works but you might need all 3 jabs to remove all pikmins.


Notable options: Jab, F-tilt, U-tilt, N-air, F-air, B-air, Solarbeam Charge (Neutral-B)

Rating: 4

Comment: Ivysaur best option is possibly Solarbeam Charge (Neutral-B), it removes every pikmin, N-air and Jab are also good.


Notable options: U-smash, N-air, F-air, B-air, U-air, Pound (Side-B),

Rating: 2

Comment: Jigglyfuff's options of removing pikmins are quite bad. Thankfully her airials works decently at doing the job. All her neutrals doesn't work, except maybe U-smash. Rollout (Neutral-B) can sometimes get interrupted by pikmins, resulting in that the attack hits the pikmins and then stops the Rollout. Pikmin Throw (Side-B) also doesn't wake Jigglypuff up if she missed a rest (down-B), not even the White pikmin .


Notable options: Jab. All Tilts, U-smash, N-air, F-air, B-air, Up-B

Rating: 3

Comment: Link got good options of removing pikmins. They are very consistent, removing all pikmins most of the times. Hylian Shield can also block Purple Pikmins but not other pikmins, since Purple Pikmin acts as a true Projectile and doesn't latch onto Link. Sometimes if Link tries to throw a bomb while having a pikmin attached to him, he'll end up throwing the bomb on the pikmin, resulting in him bombing himself.


Notable options: U-tilt, All Smashes, F-air, Side-B Spirit Bomb (A+B Special)

Rating: 1

Comment: Lucario got horrible options of removing pikmins. None seem to work well. U-tilt, Side-B and F-air seems to be his best, but they're not that good either. He got lot's of options that removes pikmins, but most are inconsistent and only removes like 1 pikmin. Although Spirit Bomb removes pikmins, it's very risky if you want to use it because it can get interrupted by pikmins resulting in that the attack doesn't come out!


Notable options: Jab, All Tilts, N-air, F-air, B-air, D-air, Z-air, Magnet (Down-B), PK Thunder 2 (Up-B)

Rating: 5

Comment: Lucas has superb options of removing pikmins. He not only got lots options to chose from, but they also work consistently, and are good at removing many if not all pikmins. The only option that doesn't work well is U-smash and Dacus.


Notable options: Jab, F-tilt, U-tilt, F-smash, U-smash, N-air, F-air, B-air, U-air, D-air, Luigi Cyclone (Down-B)

Rating: 4

Comment: Luigi got lots of options of removing pikmins, all of them being common options. N-air is a bit inconsistent, only working when you Fast-Fall with it.


Notable options: Jab, U-tilt, U-smash, D-smash, N-air, U-air, D-air, Fireball (Neutral-B), Cape (Side-B), Mario Tornado (Down-B)

Rating: 4

Comment: Mario got great options for removing pikmins. Side-B being good because it can reflect pikmins as well. N-air works as Luigi's N-air, only works if you Fast-Fall it.


Notable options: Jab, Dash-Attack, All Tilts, All Smashes, All Airials, All Specials

Rating: 5

Comment: Literally every move Marth does a great job of removing pikmins, removing pretty much all pikmins. One trick you can do is that counter gets triggered when you're being attacked by the pikmins, so if you have a pikmin attached to you, you can use counter and it will automatically by triggered.


Notable options: Jab, U-tilt, All Airials, Nado (Neutral-B), Drill Rush (Side-B)

Rating: 4

Comment: Meta Knight got great moves to remove pikmins. N-air and U-air are recommended. His tilts also work, but they're inconsistent. Dimensional Cape (Down-B) works sometimes, and often if you attack, Shuttle Loop (Up-B) only works if you do the glide attack (Up-B 2). Also even thought most of Meta Knight's moves has transcendent priority, they can still protect him from Pikmin Throw (Side-B) since Pikmins have a hurtbox.


Notable options: Jab, U-tilt, U-smash, N-air, F-air, U-air

Rating: 3

Comment: Mewtwo got bad options for removing pikmins. They are alright but they often removes only 1-2 pikmins, not all. Nair is good, especially if you SHFFL it, else it's mediocre. Also charging Shadow Ball (Neutral-B) and Teleport (Up-B) does not remove any pikmins, Shadow Ball can, but only removes 1 pikmin.


Notable options: Jab, F-tilt, U-tilt, N-air, F-air, U-air, PK-Fire (Side-B), PK-Thunder 1& 2 (Up-B), Magnet (Down-B)

Rating: 5

Comment: Magnet is like a Shine, removes all pikmins. N-air and F-air are also really good. PK-Fire is interesting because it will trigger if it hits a pikmin meaning you can use pikmins to create space with flam-pillars use the pikmins, both if they are attaches to you and if they're thrown towards you.


Notable options: Jab, D-tilt, U-tilt, N-air, F-air, B-air, Purple Side-B, Whistle (Down-B)*

Rating: 4

Comment: Olimar has good options to remove pikmins. Jab and F-air are the possibly the best. N-air works, but only if you Fast-Fall it. Dash-attack doesn't work however.

*Also if you got one of your own pikmins attached to you by a power shield or a reflector,

Whistle (Down-B) will get it of and back to your line-up, pikmins are loyal :).


Notable options: Jab 1 & 2, All Tilts, All Smashes, N-air, F-air, B-air, Parasol (Up-B)

Rating: 4

Comment: Peach common options work well at removing pikmins. N-air, F-air and B-air are probably the best. Turnips Throws can get interrupted by pikmins and so does Side-B. You can also counter with pikmins attaches to you but it seem to come out slow.


Notable options: Jab, All Smashes, N-air, F-air, B-air, D-air,

Rating: 3

Comment: Pikachu has solid options of removing pikmins. Airials are preferred, but U-air doesn't work however. Quick-attack (Up-B) doesn't work that well either.


Notable options: Jab, All Tilts, All Smashes, All Airials

Rating: 5

Comment: All Pits attacks except his specials are good at removing pikmins, pick your favourite. F-air and F-tilt seem to be best however.


Notable options: Jab, D-tilt, U-tilt, D-smash, N-air, F-air, U-air, Arm Rotor (grounded Side-B)

Rating: 4

Comment: ROB got great options of removing pikmins. Jab, U-tilt, N-air, F-air and Arm Rotor (grounded Side-B) are the best options. Arm Rotor can also reflect pikmins back at Olimar.


Notable options: Jab, Dash-attack, All Tilts, All Smashes, All Airials, All Specials

Rating: 5

Comment: Press a button, removes all pikmins. Roy is one the best characters at removing pikmins. Roy can also use counter with pikmins attached to him.


Notable options: Jab, F-tilt, D-smash, U-smash (Ice), F-air (Ice) N-air, U-air, D-air, Bomb (Down-B), Screw-attack (Up-B)

Rating: 3

Comment: Samus options of removing pikmins are OK. Most of the options removes only 1 pikmin, not all. F-tilt is really good, F-air (Ice) is really good but F-air (Fire) doesn't work. Ice mode seems better at removing pikmins than Fire. Also Bomb (Down-B) seems to be impressively good at removing pikmins as the Bomb activates immediately; but what Samus would know that, somewhat unorthodox option.


Notable options: Jab, F-tilt, U-tilt, N-air, F-air, B-air

Rating: 4

Comment: Sheik got excellent options of removing pikmins, all Sheik common options seems to work. Jab and F-air seems to be most consistent, slightly better than N-air and B-air. The only this that doesn't work seems to be Dash-attack, but still isn't a big deal. Worth noting is that needles can sometimes get interfered by the pikmins. Also Transform (Down-B) removes pikmins as well if you wondered.


Notable options: Jab, D-tilt, Dash-attack, U-smash Missile (when the missile comes back down), D-smash (if you shied the mine explosion), N-air, F-air, B-air, Grande (Neutral-B) ( If you shield the grenade), Cypher (Up-B)

Rating: 3

Comment: Snake got OK options to remove pikmins. Cypher (Up-B) seems to be his best, grenade in shield is also OK, and so is N-air an d Jab.


Notable options: Jab, All Tilts, Dash-attack, All Smashes, All Airials, Homing Attack (Neutral-B), Side-B, Down-B

Rating: 5

Comment: Almost all Sonics attacks removes all pikmins attached to him. Side-B camp works really well, so does N-air and F-air.


Notable options: Jab 1-3, U-tilt, D-smash, Shell-Shift, N-air, Side-B

Rating: 4

Comment: Shell-Shift and N-air makes gives Squirtle great options to remove pikmins. Other than those 2, he doesn't have that good options. Also if Squirtle has pikmins on himself and does Side-B it will trigger Withdraw (not Aqua Jet) immediately, leaving him open for a punish.


Notable options: Jab, F-tilt, U-tilt, All Smashes, N-air, F-air, U-air, D-air, Spin-attack (Up-B)

Rating: 4

Comment: Toon Link got good options of removing pikmins. N-air is probably the best, F-air is also good. If Toon Link tries to throw a bomb when having a pikmin attached to him it might explode on the pikmin attached to him (and himself), basically bombing himself. Hylian Shield can only Protect from Purple Pikmin Throws not any other Pikmins.


Notable options: Jab 2, U-smash, N-air, U-air,

Rating: 4

Comment: Wario doesn't have that many options, but Jab and N-air alone are 2 excellent options.Wario moves also has some interesting properties with pikmin attached to him. Dair will hit the pikmin if it's attached. And side-B will do the same resulting in Wario hitting the pikmin, which is very bad for him because of side-B's endlag.


Notable options: Jab, N-air, F-air, Shine (Down-B), Blaster (Neutral-B),

Rating: 4

Comment: Wolf has superb options of removing pikmins, even his blaster can do it. And shine, nair works 90% of the time, and if not, jab does the work.


Notable options: Jab1 & 2, U-tilt, U-smash, U-air, F-air, B-air

Rating: 3

Comment: Yoshi doesn't have that good options of removing pikmins. Jab is great, but N-air doesn't work well, and nor does D-tilt, and his other airials are slow and punishable. Also Yoshi's Egg Trow (Up-B) can get interrupted with pikmins, meaning it his the pikmin immediately when thrown, which shows that Olimar has stronger camp-game than Yoshi.


Notable options: Jab, F-tilt, U-smash, N-air, F-air, B-air, Nayru's Love (Neutral-B), Farore's Wind (Up-B),

Rating: 4

Comment: Zelda has superb options of removing pikmins. Nair is a go-to, so is jab. If the Zelda player likes to tele-dash, then a good news is that it removes pikmins as well. If you place a Dins Fire (Side-B) and Olimar throws a pikmin on it, it will get triggered and return to Zelda, also Transform (Down-B) will also remove pikmins in case you wondered.


Notable options: Jab, All Tilts, F-smash, All Airials, Flip Jump (Down-B 2)

Rating: 4

Comment: All ZSS's airials removes pikmins excellently. Her normals are OK, but airials are preferred. If you have a pikmin attached to you and D-air, it will acts as if you D-aired an actual character you'll bounce of it.
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