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Character Discussion Guidelines & Listings

Discussion in 'Character Discussion' started by Mario & Sonic Guy, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. Mario & Sonic Guy

    Mario & Sonic Guy
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    The Cute Cosmic Protector

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    Sep 18, 2007
    Mushroom Kingdom
    3DS FC:

    Character Discussion Guidelines

    E3 2013 Update: Now that we know that Super Smash Bros. U and Super Smash Bros. 3D (my beta names for the new games) are in development, some updates have been made to my guidelines thread. Please read the updated guidelines before continuing.

    1: Introduction

    The Super Smash Bros. U/3D Character Discussion forum is used to discuss about characters who have either been confirmed, were in past Smash Bros. installments, or could be potential newcomers. Users can decide to speculate about certain characters, certain franchises, and even input character polls here.

    However, there are some key notes that all users need to be aware of.

    2: Roster Prediction Display Thread

    The Roster Prediction Display Thread is used as a place to show off any rosters that the users have made. Each user is permitted to make "1" post in this thread, and that post alone will be his/her roster showcase.

    The thread is NOT to be used for roster discussions, but another thread covers all that.

    3: Roster Discussion Thread

    Last year, we did have an official Roster Discussion Thread. However, it was shut down indefinitely for constant off-topic discussions, which is NOT the Roster Discussion Thread's purpose.

    However, a new Roster Prediction Discussion Thread has been made in an attempt to start over fresh. This thread's purpose is to simply discuss about each others' rosters, and is the main thread to use when commenting about the rosters from the Roster Prediction Display Thread.

    If any roster discussion posts are found in the Roster Prediction Display Thread, please report to the staff, and we'll move the post to its proper location.

    2/9 Update: The Smash 4 staff has closed down the second Roster Discussion Thread in an attempt to start over fresh. The third revision, now known simply as the Official Character Discussion Thread, serves as the new place to discuss characters and roster inputs.

    Just like with the second revision, please report to the staff whenever the thread shows signs of any derailment.

    4: Character Discussion Threads

    Making character discussions is the biggest part of this forum. Users can create threads to support certain characters, and speculate how they'd work out. The threads can also apply to a certain franchise, and cover all the characters from that very franchise.

    However, character threads should try to be well developed, which include not only an image of the character, but also his/her backstory, possible movesets, and possible playstyles.

    The next set of rulings need to be taken into account too...

    5: Duplicate Threads

    Making duplicate threads is heavily frowned upon in this forum. Because of this, the next post on this thread gives users a list of which characters already have their own thread.

    Basically, when a character thread has been made, that should be the thread that everyone uses. However, users can always ask to take control of the thread, whenever the thread needs to be majorly improved.

    If a duplicate thread is spotted, it'll either be locked or merged, depending on its quality level.

    6: Flame War Potential Threads

    While this forum is designed to discuss about the characters, you should refrain yourselves from making threads that could lead to flame wars. This especially includes anti-support threads; threads where people discuss about what characters should NOT be in the game.

    If any threads are leading to a flame war, please report them to the staff.

    7: Joke Threads

    Making character threads for joke purposes is not advisable here. Whenever you make a character thread, it should be greatly detailed whenever possible. Therefore, making a thread just to say that you want someone is not good enough, and such messages should be left in the roster discussion thread.

    If any joke threads are found, please contact the staff.

    8: Video Game Characters Only

    Character threads should be restricted only to characters who have originated from video games. This includes any 1st party, 2nd party, and 3rd party character, but ONLY if they've had some history with Nintendo.

    A special thread was made specially to display characters who pretty much have no chance of being in the Super Smash Bros. series whatsoever, which includes 3rd party characters who never appeared on any Nintendo consoles, and characters from 4th party media; 4th party characters are characters whose origins did not come from video games (Ex.: DC Universe).

    9: Character Debate Threads

    If anyone makes any character debate threads, it's highly recommended that the debates are kept clean. If a debate gets way out of hand, it'll risk getting locked.

    10: Veteran Characters

    A sub-forum exists, which has threads for all the veteran fighters from the past Super Smash Bros. installments. If you want to make discussions involving the veteran fighters, you need to go to the Unconfirmed Smash Veterans forum, and head to the character thread that you want to discuss about.

    11: Confirmed Characters

    Now that we have some confirmed characters, each confirmed character has his/her very own sub-forum. All topics involving the confirmed characters belong in their respective sub-forum; for instance, all threads relating to Mario belong in the Mario sub-forum.

    If any threads involving the confirmed characters are seen outside of their sub-forum, please contact the staff, and we'll move the threads to their proper location.

    12: Off-Topic Clutter

    The following info is extremely important. Never ever derail character threads with off-topic conversations. We typically have a very specific thread for such conversations, and as such, any off-topic conversations should be kept in those very locations.

    If anyone begins to derail any character threads, please contact the staff, and we'll try to resolve the matter as much as possible.

    13: Conclusions

    By following these guidelines, we hope that the character discussion will be kept as clean as it can be. Have fun posting, but be highly judgmental as well, as this forum uses the exact same general rules as anywhere else.
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    Last edited: Feb 9, 2014
  2. Mario & Sonic Guy

    Mario & Sonic Guy
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    The Cute Cosmic Protector

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    Sep 18, 2007
    Mushroom Kingdom
    3DS FC:

    Character Discussion List

    This is a full list of all the active character discussion threads that are on this board. Before making a new post, please go through this list to find your character. If you don't see him/her, then you're free to make a new thread for that specific character.

    The list is sorted from A-Z, and follows the following setup...

    Character: Thread Title

    The thread title will have a URL link, which will direct you right to it.

    Now, this post will be updated as new threads are made, so be sure to check back from time to time.

    On a side note, threads involving confirmed characters will not be included on this list, as they'll be located in their respective sub-forum.

    Separate Characters

    *Adeleine: Adeleine concept (seperate topic)
    *Aeron: Wielder of the Oraclos Chain: Aeron Enters the Fray!
    *Agent J: Agents are GO!!! Agent J for Super Smash Bros 4
    *Agumon: Pikachu's Greatest Rival! - Agumon!
    *Alexandra Rovias: No Alexandra Rovias thread? This... isn't... really... happening!
    *Amaterasu: Goddess Amaterasu Needs Your Faith!
    *Ampharos: From Sheep, to Bipedal Sheep, to Hoofed Dragon: Ampharos!
    *Andy: Orange Star's Keet CO - Advance Wars' Andy for SSB4
    *Anna: Fire Emblem's Redheaded Lady, Anna!
    *Anthony Higgs: "YOU GOT NO STYLE!" The Anthony Higgs 4 Smash Thread! Remember him?
    *AR Man: The Three-Dimensional Yellow Cube: AR Man support Thread
    *Ashley Robbins: Ashely Robbins for the next smash game
    *Ayumi & the Detective: Ayumi Tachibana and the detective: The Famicom Tantei Club protagonists support thread

    *Baby Bowser: Talk about a temper tantrum... Baby Bowser for Smash 4!
    *Baby Luigi & Baby Mario (duo): The literal star babies of the show! Baby Mario and Baby Luigi for smash!
    *Baby Mario (solo): The cutest toddler with a licence. Baby Mario support thread.
    *Baby Mario & Baby Luigi (duo): The literal star babies of the show! Baby Mario and Baby Luigi for smash!
    *Balloon Fighter: Balloon Fighter For Smash 4
    *Banjo: Bird and Bear: the Banjo-Kazooie Thread
    *Bayonetta: Bayonetta for ssb 4
    *Beta Fighter: Beta Fighter the rise of the Dragon King 4 SSB4
    *Big Boss (Naked Snake): The Soldier Without Borders - Big Boss/Naked Snake for Smash 4!
    *Bill: Contra's Bill and Lance
    *Bio-Rex: Racer #15: Bio-Rex For Smash
    *Birdo: Birdo for sm4sh... pink IS the manliest color no?
    *Black Mage: Black Mage: The beloved magical dynamo of Final Fantasy
    *Black Shadow: WATASHI WA SHINEN! SHINENZUUU!: A Black Shadow Support Thread
    *Blaziken: Blaziken for SSB4!
    *Blue: Smell ya later, Red! Rival Blue wants to fight in SSB4!
    *Bomberman: Bomberman's Potential Appearance in Smash Bros
    *Breloom: Pokemon #286, Breloom. The Mushroom Pokemon's Support Thread for SSB4!
    *Brian: It's the kid who can beat a demonic embodiment of greed to death with a stick, Brian!
    *Bryne: Going off the rails of the Spirit Train! Bryne for SSB4!
    *Bub: Bubble bobble toil and trouble! Bub is in for smash!
    *Bubbles: Bubbles for ssb4
    *Bucha: Kikwi Elder Bucha for SSB4!!!!!

    *Caeda: Pegasus Knight: Caeda for SSB4
    *Captain Rainbow: The FABULOUS superhero: Captain Rainbow!
    *Captain Syrup: Captain Syrup, Wario Land's Sultry Pirate Captain!
    *Captain Toad: Captain Toad is Back in Business: Captain Toad for Smash 4!
    *Celebi: Guardian of the forest Celebi
    *Chibi-Robo: The Chibi-Robo for SSB4 Thread!! A little guy with BIG Potential!
    *Chibiterasu: Chibiterasu: The child of the sun
    *Chorus Kids: Chorus Kids for Smash Bros 4! Not Quite Men Yet...
    *Chrom (Solo): Chrom SSB4 Discussion Thread
    *Chrom & Lucina (Ice Climbers styled): *Spoilers* The Awakening Lords Team, Chrom and Lucina for SSB4!
    *Chrom & Robin (Ice Climbers styled): Chrom and Robin, The Shepherds of Ylisse, awaken for SSB4!
    *Claus: : Claus, The Masked Man Discussion Thread
    *Cless Alvein: The Hero of Eternity, Cless Alvein, Joins the Fray!
    *Console-Bot: History Comes Alive: Console-Bot Approaches!
    *Cooking Mama: "Don't worry...Mama will fix this." - Cooking Mama Discussion Thread
    *Cortez (Timesplitters): TIME TO SPLIT!! Sgt Cortez for SSB4!!
    *Count Bleck: The Prophecy Must Be Fullfilled! Count Bleck for Super Smash Bros!
    *Cranky Kong: cranky kong
    *Crocomire: The (Burned by) Acid Monster - the Crocomire Thread
    *Crono: Crono From Chrono Trigger for Smash 4!
    *Cynthia: Pokémon Champion of Sinnoh, Cynthia for SSB4!

    *Daitoryo: Ready to Deal? Daitoryo for Smash Four!
    *Dark Link: The Shadow of the Hero: Dark Link and Smash 4!
    *Dark Matter: The Darkest Being in the Universe: Dark Matter
    *Dawn: Rising from the Sinnoh League, Dawn for SSB4!
    *Deathborn: Champion of the Underworld: Deathborn for Smash 4 ~
    *Dimentio: The Dimensional Jester: Dimentio
    *Diskun: The Disk Warrior (or something): Diskun!
    *Ditto: The Random Character Rep: Ditto For SSB4 Thread!
    *Dixie Kong (Solo): The Ponytail with Attitude: Dixie Kong Support Thread (Updated Front Post!)
    *Dixie Kong & Kiddy Kong (Ice Climbers styled): DKC3: Double Trouble, A Dixie and Kiddy Kong Thread
    *Donbe & Hikari: Nintendo's Own Demon-Fighting Duo! Donbe & Hikari for SSB4!
    *Donkey Kong (8-bit): DK's back! W-Wait! That's not him! He's gone 8-bit!
    *Doshin the Giant: Doshin the Giant Support Thread.
    *Dr. Eggman (Robotnik): Sonic's Mortal Enemy! Dr. Robotnik/Eggman for Super Smash Bros!
    *Dr. Kawashima: Train Your Brain by Smashing! Dr. Kawashima for SSB4!
    *Dragonair: PKMN#148 Dragonair Support Thread
    *Dry Bowser: The undead Koopa King, Dry Bowser thread.
    *Dunsparce: Rise and Fall of Hammer's Spawn: Dunsparce for SM4SH

    *Eirika: The Twins of Renais: Emphraim/Eirika for SBB4
    *Elite Beat Agents: The Male Cheer Squad, Elite Beat Agents Are Here!
    *Ephraim: The Twins of Renais: Emphraim/Eirika for SBB4
    *Ethan: Ethan waber from Phantasy Star Universe, would he make a good adition to SSB4?
    *ExciteBiker: Excitebiker for SSB4

    *Fawful: I Have SSB4ing!- Fawful for SSB4 thread
    *Feudal Era Pokemon Trainer: Feudal Era Pokemon Trainer for SSB4
    *Fighter Hayabusa: A Winner is You! VWA/VWF Champion Fighter Hayabusa wants to Smash!
    *Final Fantasy I Protagonists: Final Fantasy 1 Heroes!
    *Fiora: Shulk's Girl and Main Plot Point: Fiora for SSB4
    *Funky Kong: The Radical Funky Kong Alliance of Funk!
    *Fuzzy: Touch Fuzzy, get SSB4

    *Galacta Knight: The Strongest Warrior in the Galaxy: Galacta Knight
    *Galaxian: An Original Character from Namco's Old Games: Galaxian!
    *Gandrayda: The bounty hunters Ghor and Gandrayda support thread!
    *Ganon: Classic Ganon: The Original King Of Evil!
    *General Guy: All Shy Guys in Formation! General Guy for Sm4sh!
    *General Scales: General scales
    *Gengar: The first ghost Pokemon, Gengar SSB4 Support Thread
    *Geno: Geno (♥♪!?): Return of the Starsend Savior
    *Ghor: The bounty hunters Ghor and Gandrayda support thread!
    *Giygas: You Cannot Grasp The Full Power Of Giygas's Attack! Giygas For Super Smash Bros!
    *Goku (YuYuki): Goku, the Martial Arts Monkey Master!
    *Gooey: The Forgotten Residents of Dreamland: Gooey and Rick the Hamster
    *Groose: Groosin for a Brusin: The Groose Discussion
    *Grovyle: Dungeon Crawler from the Future - Grovyle Support Thread
    *Grunt: Smash means Wars: Meet the Grunt
    *Gruntilda: The Witch with Terrible Rhymes! Official Gruntilda Support Thread

    *Hades: Hades will drill through the rind to remove the Pit!
    *Happy Mask Salesman: Terminal Support Thread - Happy Mask Salesman!
    *Harry: Rising out from the Virtual Boy Ashes, Harry for SSB4!
    *Hatsune Miku: Lost Songs found: Hatsune Miku for SSB4 thread
    *Hawlucha: Soaring in from Kalos: HAWLUUUUCHA!!!
    *Henry Cooldown: A rank of his own: Henry Cooldown for Smash
    *Heracross: The Single Horn Pokemon, Heracross, for Sm4sh
    *Hikari & Donbe: Nintendo's Own Demon-Fighting Duo! Donbe & Hikari for SSB4!
    *Honey Queen: Honey Queen-- To bee playable

    *Imajin: Don't forget the Legend, Doki Doki Panic...Imajin for Smash!
    *Impa: Impa, the Enigmatic Sheikah, Sage of Shadow
    *Inkling: Inkling for Smash!
    *Isa Jo: Isa Jo, Successor of the Universe
    *Isaac: The Golden Earth-Shaking Adept! Isaac for SSB4! (Now with movesets, videos, and more)

    *Jack: It's Harvest Time!! Jack for Smash 4!
    *James McCloud (F-Zero + Star Fox): The double clone character: James Mc.Cloud
    *Jeff: Jeff Andonuts for SSB4
    *Jill Dozer: Red Dozer Hideout: The Jill Dozer Thread
    *Jimmy T.: Big Moves, Bigger Wigs. Jimmy T for SSB4.
    *Joey: The spunkster youngster, Joey for smash 4!
    *John Raimi: That's Not All, Volks! John Raimi from Geist.
    *Julie: Zeke/Julie from Zombies Ate My Neighbors in SSB!

    *K.K. Slider: Music Controlled By The Beast- K K Slider’s Super Supports Forum
    *Kalas: Fear the wings of darkness! Sword Style: Kalas Thread!
    *Karate Joe: Karate Joe Tunes In from Rhythm Heaven!
    *Kazooie: Bird and Bear: the Banjo-Kazooie Thread
    *Kiddy Kong (Solo): Dixie Kong's Little Cousin! Kiddy Kong for Smash Wii U/3DS!
    *Kiddy Kong & Dixie Kong (Ice Climbers styled): DKC3: Double Trouble, A Dixie and Kiddy Kong Thread
    *King (Tekken): Rasslin' Jaguar, KING, breaks through!
    *King Boo: King Boo: How could he work in SSB4?
    *King Harkinian: MAH BOI! King Harkinian Strives for Victory! Sign the Petition!
    *King Hippo: Coming in from Hippo Island, at ??? pounds. . .
    *King K. Rool: K. Rool's Kountry Klub: Bow Before SSB4's Most Popular Newcomer!
    *Kisuke and Momohime: 朧村正の桃姫と鬼助!! Enter Kisuke and Momohime!
    *Klefki: A Thread That Won't Get Locked - The Klefki Support Thread!
    *Klonoa: Klonoa for SSB4
    *Koopa Troopa (solo): Koopa for SSB4! The Most Important Enemy In The Mario Series!
    *Koopa Troopa & Goomba (duo): an Interesting Idea: Goomba and Koopa!
    *KOS-MOS: The mighty battle android~ KOS-MOS for Smash
    *Krystal: Sauria's Finest: Krystal for SSB4
    *Kumatora: The Tomboy Princess of Osohe Castle: Kumatora

    *Lana: The White Witch, Lana casts herself into battle
    *Lance (Contra): Contra's Bill and Lance
    *Lanky Kong: The Crazy Kong Who Just Digs His Tune: Lanky Kong for SSB4!
    *Lara Croft: Won’t Let You Rest In Peace – Lara Croft for SM4SH
    *Leon Powalski: THIS CANT BE HAPPENING!!! leon for sma4sh
    *Leon S. Kennedy: Leon S. Kennedy Fires Back for Smash 4: Analysis & Discussion
    *Link (A Link to the Past): The Most Experienced Link: Classic Link Discussion Thread!
    *Link and Epona: The Offical Link on Epona for SSB4 thread!
    *Lip: Puzzling Fairy Princess: Lip for SSB4!
    *Lloyd Irving: Uniter Of The Worlds: Lloyd Irving for SSB4
    *Lord Fredrik: Freezing up Donkey Kong Island: The Snowmad Leader for Smash!
    *Louie: The King of Bugs, Louie, cooks up trouble in Smash!
    *Lucina & Chrom (Ice Climbers styled): *Spoilers* The Awakening Lords Team, Chrom and Lucina for SSB4!
    *Ludwig von Koopa: Before Bowser Jr., There Was... Ludwig Von Koopa!
    *Lysandre: Burning with Passion - Lysandre (Pokémon XY Spoilers)

    *Mach Rider: The Mach Rider For SSB4 Thread!
    *Machamp: The Superpower Pokemon - Machamp for SSB4!
    *Magolor: The Mage Beyond Popstar - Magolor
    *Malamar: The Overturning Pokemon, Malamar for Smash!
    *Mallo: The little sumo wrestler and lives rescuer. Mallo for Super Smash Bros 4!
    *Marina Liteyears: Marina Liteyears (Mischief Makers) Support Thread
    *Marshal: Rhythm Heaven Fever's Musical Mascot! Marshal (Moveset Added!)
    *Masked Link: Masked Link shall consume. Consume... Consume everything...
    *Matthew: Matthew, the hero of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, rises to SSB4!
    *Maxwell: Write anything, solve everything - Maxwell from Scribblenauts!
    *May: The Hoenn Pokémon Trainer, May, joins the fray!
    *Medicham: Another WTF Pokémon Thread, Medicham 4 Smash!
    *Medli & Makar (duo): Medli+Makar Sages of WindWaker Thread
    *Medusa: Medusa. Queen of the Underworld. Goddess of Darkness.
    *Metroid: Scourge of the Galaxy, Metroid
    *Micaiah: Micaiah, The Silver Haired Maiden of Dawn
    *Mike Jones: Test of Island Courage: Mike for SSB4!
    *Minun: The cheer-leading shockers: Plusle and Minun!
    *Momohime and Kisuke: 朧村正の桃姫と鬼助!! Enter Kisuke and Momohime!
    *Mona: The Second Best Wario Ware Employee: Mona
    *Monita: The Park guide Monita for SSB4!?
    *Mr. Hanafuda: The First Ever Nintendo product- Mr. Hanafuda
    *Mr. L: The Green Lightning strikes in! Mr.L support thread.
    *Mr. Resetti: The angry mole: Mr. Resetti
    *Mr. Stevenson: The Marathon Detective: Mr. Stevenson joins the fray
    *Muddy Mole: Mole Maniacs: Muddy Mole for SSB4

    *N: Mysterious Trainer N joins the fray
    *Neku Sakuraba: Neku Sakuraba - Does he have a chance?!
    *Nester: Nintendo Power's innovative icon- Nester
    *Nightmare (Soul Calibur): THE NIGHTMARE IS NEVER OVER. A thread for a Namco Character that isn't a pie chart.
    *Nikki: Nikki for Smash Wii U and 3DS!
    *Ninten: No crying until the ending: Ninten for SSB4!
    *Nintendouji: The Nintendo Boy Wonder: Nintendouji for SSB4!
    *Non-Specific Action Figure: Non Specific Action Figure Discussion

    *Pangoro: Pangoro for SSB4: #1 Threat to Other Pokemon Newcomers
    *Paper Luigi: The Green Thunder Strikes With Lightning! Paper Luigi Springs Into Action!
    *Paper Mario: Flatter Character, Bigger Potential: Paper Mario for SSB4
    *Paper Mario's Partners; Goombella, Koops, Vivian: Paper Mario's Partners: Goombella, Koops and Vivian!
    *Paris: Decsended from the Azure Flame: Paris for SSB4 !
    *Paula: Paula.
    *Pauline: The original damsel in distress - Pauline (Support Thread)
    *Peashooter: From Plants VS Zombies, Peashooter!
    *Peppy Hare: Do a Barrel Roll!: Peppy Hare Support
    *Petey Piranha: Petey Piranha: How could he work in SSB4?
    *Phoenix Wright: The Lawyer (not the bird lady): PHOENIX WRIGHT!!!
    *Pigmask: The Pigmask Army's Chubby Soldiers, Pigmask For Sm4sh!
    *Pious Augustus: MY DEATH IS ONLY THE BEGINNING: Pious Augustus for Smash 4!
    *Plasm Wraith: The Golden Guardian of the Formidable Oak-Plasm Wraith for SSB4!
    *Plusle: The cheer-leading shockers: Plusle and Minun!
    *Pokemon Trainer (2nd generation and later): Takes more than one to make a League: Other Pokemon Trainers
    *Poliwhirl: Poliwhirl for SSB4
    *Poo: Prince of Dalaam! Poo for Smash Wii U and 3DS!
    *Porky: Mother Series's Eternal Villian - Porky Support Thread
    *Primid: The Soldiers of Subspace - Primid for SSB4
    *Prince Fluff: The Yarn Kirby/Prince Fluff Support Thread
    *Princess Daisy: The Spunky Princess of Sarasaland: Daisy for SBB4
    *Professor E. Gadd: Yabo-Yabo?Siké-Siké~E.Gadd joins the fray!Added the Special's names!
    *Professor Hector: Creator of R.O.B ready for Smash 4
    *Professor Layton: The Gentleman and Puzzle Solver of London. Professor Layton for Super Smash Bros 4!
    *Psyduck: Grab an Aspirin, it's the Psyduck Support Thread
    *Pyrrhon: The Level Infinity Epic Super God...Plus! Pyrrhon for SSB4

    *Quote: Mr. Traveler, Quote, for SM4SH Brothers!

    *Raiden: Raiden Support Thread: Reveangence
    *Rain Man: Daitoryo is good and all, but... Rain Man for Smash!
    *Rallen: Let's do it/Iku ze! Rallen and Spectrobes!
    *Ravio: Weapon Merchant Ravio
    *Rawk Hawk: Rawk Hawk Support Thread. NOW WITH ILLUSTRATED MOVESETS!
    *Ray Mk: Ready for Anything! Ray from Custom Robo!
    *Red (standalone): Standalone Red... WAIT! without any Pokemon?
    *Reggie: Is Your Body Ready for SSB4's Best Newcomer?
    *Rhythm Girl: Rhythm Girl from Rhythm Heaven- Ready to Beat the Beat?
    *Rick: The Forgotten Residents of Dreamland: Gooey and Rick the Hamster
    *Rundas: The Ice Man. Rundas Metroid Prime 3, Corruption.
    *Ryu Hayabusa: Heir to the Dragon Clan: Ryu Hayabusa Thread

    *Sakura Samurai: Hi-Ho, Cherry-Oh! Sakura Samurai for Smash.
    *Sakurai: You all know Sakurai's ego is big enough for this. . .
    *Sami: The Capture-Happy Commando - Sami for SSB4!
    *Sceptile: The Forest Master Rises! Sceptile for Smash Bros!
    *Scizor: Bug catcher's unite! Scizor for Smash 4!
    *Scorpion: GET OVER HERE!!! Scorpion for SSB4 support thread
    *Sebastian Tute: Sebastian Tute, from Wii Music, for Smash~!
    *Shadow Bugs: Subspace attacks the battlefield! Shadow Bugs join the battle!
    *Shadow the Hedgehog: Chaos Control: Shadow the Hedgehog for SSB4!
    *Shantae: The Half Genie Protector of Scuttle Town, Shantae for SSB4
    *Sheriff: Most Wanted: Sheriff for SSB4
    *Shigeru Miyamoto: The Master of Nintendo - The Shigeru Miyamoto Thread
    *Shia: Black Witch, Shia, for SSB4! The Warriors' Foe!
    *Silver the Hedgehog: Silver the Hedgehog's Psychokinetic Support Thread
    *Simon Belmont: SIMON BELMONT: Castlevania's First Vampire Slaying Whip-Wielder
    *Slime: The tear drop that rockets across the world! Slime for SSB4
    *Slippy Toad: Enemy Shield Analyzed!: Slippy Toad Support Thread
    *Smeargle: The Painter Pokémon, Smeargle, for SSB4!
    *Sora: A Sora (Kingdom Hearts) Support Thread (Detailed Moveset Inside)
    *Sothe: Sothe for SSB4 Support Thread
    *Space Pirates: While everyone is waiting for Ridley... Space Pirate gets the spot
    *Spire: Towering Crystal: Spire 4 Smash!
    *Spyro (Skylanders): Spyro Skylander for SSB 4
    *Squawks: DK's Parrot - the Squawks thread
    *Stanley: The Bugmen:Stanley the Bugman for SSB4
    *Star Man (Pro Wrestling): A WINNER IS YOU! Star Man (Pro Wrestling) for SSB4!
    *Stork (Yoshi's Island): Stork for Sm4sh - yeah
    *Style Savvy Protagonist: Style Master - Opens Up Shop
    *Sukapon: Sukapon: The Joyful, but Reluctant Owarai Fighter
    *Sylux: Samus beware: Sylux for SSB4
    *Sylveon: Power of the Fairy Type: Sylveon for SSB4

    *Tabuu: Such a Wicked Thing: Playable Tabuu
    *Tactician (Fire Emblem): Its Time to Tip the Scales! Tactician for SSB4
    *Tails: Sonic's Luigi: Miles Tales Prower
    *Taizo Hori: DIG DUG aka Taizo Hori: The Man with the Giant Drill
    *Team Rocket: Prepare for trouble! Make it double!
    *Tempo: Gamefreak's Rhythmic Hero - Tempo
    *Tetra: Ahoy, Matey! Tetra Support Thread
    *Tetris Blocks: Tetromino For Smash 4!
    *Tharja: Cast a curse: Tharja for ssb4!
    *The Batsman: The Batsman (Indoor Batting Machine)
    *The Cheetahmen: ....AND NOW.... The Cheetahmen
    *Thomas: Thomas a Kung Fu master long forgotten
    *Todd Snap: The Pokemon Paparazzi - Todd Snap for Smash
    *Toon Zelda: Toon Zelda Support Thread: Because Why the Heck Not?
    *Travis Touchdown: Number One In Santa Destroy - Travis Touchdown Thread
    *Trevenant: The Elder Tree Pokemon, Trevenant for Smash!
    *Ty the Tasmanian Tiger: T-4!!: Ty The Tasmanian Tiger!
    *Tyranitar: The Armor Pokemon, Tyranitar for Smash

    *Urban Champion: urban fighter

    *Vaati: The Evil Minish Reborn: Vaati
    *Validar: The future is already written-Validar for Samsh!
    *Viewtiful Joe: Some Like It Red Hot- Viewtiful Joe for Smash 4 thread

    *Waddle Dee: Bandana Dee: Shiny New OP!
    *Waddle Doo: "Waddle Doo has his Eye on You!"
    *Warrior of Light: Protector of Cornelia! Warrior of Light for SSB Wii U/3DS!
    *Wart: Eat Your Veggies! Wart for Super Smash Bros.!
    *Wes: Wes, the ultimate gen 3 rep?
    *Wreck-It Ralph: IM GONNA WRECK IT! Wreck-It Ralph for SSB4
    *Wrestler & Reporter: "Pose for the fans!" "RAAGH!" Wrestler & Reporter Beat the Beat!

    *Yarn Kirby: The Yarn Kirby/Prince Fluff Support Thread
    *Yoshimitsu: Yoshimitsu's Most Honerable ROFLcopter Landing Zone
    *Young Cricket: Enter Young Cricket, Kung Fu Apprentice! (Detailed Moveset Inside)

    *Zael: Bearer of the Mark of the Outsider: Zael for Super Smash Bros. 4!
    *Zant: Zant support!?!?
    *Zeke: Zeke/Julie from Zombies Ate My Neighbors in SSB!
    *Zelgius: Zelgius, the Black Knight
    *ZombiU Survivor: For the Lulz - ZombiU Survivor


    1080: Bring a sweater, it's a 1080 series discussion!

    *Advance Wars: Advance Wars Series Reps
    *Animal Crossing: Welcome to the Animal Crossing Character Discussion Thread!
    *Assassin's Creed: The Brotherhood
    *ATLUS: ATLUS threads.

    *Capcom: Which Capcom characters would you like to see in SSB4?
    *Castlevania: Castlevania characters
    *Chrono Trigger: how cool would it be to have a chrono trigger char. NOW WITH POLL

    *Digimon: Digimon for SSB4 Discussion Thread
    *Donkey Kong: Donkey Kong Characters Ready for a Jungle Beatdown!
    *Dragon Quest: Dragon Quest Character Discussion Thread.

    *EarthBound / Mother: MOTHER Character Discussion Thread
    *Endless Ocean: Endless Ocean Series Discussion

    *F-Zero: You got Boost Power! An F-Zero Character Discussion Thread
    *Final Fantasy: Let's Talk Final Fantasy
    *Fire Emblem: You get no Sympathy in a "Fire Emblem Discussion"
    *Fossil Fighters: The Champion of Fossils: Fossil Fighters for SSB4

    *Kid Icarus: Kid Icarus Series Character Discussion
    *Kirby: THE DREAMLAND INVASION: "Kirby Character Discussion Thread"

    *Mass Effect: Join the N-7 Alliance (Warning: Images/Spoilers Ahead)
    *Metroid: Anyone Else Left from Metroid?
    *Monster Hunter: Monster Hunter Protagonist

    *Namco: Namco Character discussion

    *Pikmin: Pikmin: New Captain Support Thread!
    *Pokemon: Pokemon characters for SSB4
    *Pokemon (6th Generation): Gen 6 Pokemon will be out BEFORE Smash 4...
    *Pokemon (Trainers): Human characters from Pokemon as actual fighters
    *Pokemon (Unlikely representatives): Less-than-likely Pokemon Reps Thread

    *Resident Evil: Complete. Global. Smash-eration. - The Resident Evil Thread
    *Rhythm Heaven: Dream of Our Generation: Potential Rhythm Heaven Fighters
    *Robin & Chrom (Ice Climbers styled): Chrom and Robin, The Shepherds of Ylisse, awaken for SSB4!

    *SEGA: SEGA Characters: Forbidden Fruit
    *SNK: The SNK/Playmore thread
    *Sonic: Sonic the Hedgehog; a 2nd series rep (plus stages)
    *Soul Calibur: Soul Calibur thread - Returning the favor, a tale eternally re-told
    *Square Enix (General): The Ultimate Square-Enix Character Thread
    *Square Enix (Nintendo exclusives): Square Enix/Squaresoft Characters that originated on Nintendo
    *Street Fighter: The Street Fighter World Tournament (Yes. Yes)
    *Super Mario Bros.: Super Mario Bros. Characters Discussion.
    *Super Mario Enemies: Mario Enemy Thread
    *Super Smash Bros.: The Big Bosses of Smash!

    *Tales of ...: The ultimate "Tales of" series thread!(Symphonia write up is up!)
    *Tekken: Tekken Thread
    *The Legend of Zelda: Zelda Franchise Discussion

    Wario Land / WarioWare, Inc.: Wario Series Discussion: The Bewildering Biker deserves a new Rep

    *Yoshi's Island: The friendly dinosaur, all alone. Yoshi character discussion!

    Character Debates

    *Katt & Krystal: Katt or Krystal?
    *Lucario & Zoroark: Zoroark vs. Lucario... THE FINAL DEBATE

    Confirmed Items

    *Cucco: Link's TRUE Archenemy - Cucco for smash!

    Confirmed Assist Trophies

    *Ashley (WarioWare, Inc.): “Everyone loves me 'cause I've got a bewitching personality!” - Ashley Support Thread
    *Dark Samus: Enter The Darkness: Dark Samus Support Thread
    *Dillon: The Armadillo With No Name: Dillon and the Rolling Western
    *Ghirahim: Demon Lord Ghirahim's Fabulous Horde of Fabulousness!
    *Isabelle: The Soft-Spoken Secretary of Smashville: Isabelle for Smash Bros!
    *Knuckle Joe: Knuckle Up, Knuckle Joe has ARRIVED!
    *Lyndis: 緑天龍 (Green Heavenly Dragon) Fire Emblem's Green-haired Lethal Beauty, Lyndis.
    *Magnus: Angel Land's Strongest Human, Magnus, enters the fray!
    *Midna: A Petition for Midna on internet !
    *Nintendog: Nintendog for Super Smash Bros. 4 Wii U/3DS! Too playful to be denied!
    *Phosphora: Lightning Flash Phospora
    *Sable Prince: The Bell Tolls for the Prince of Sable!
    *Saki: Successor of Earth! Saki for SSB4!
    *Samurai Goroh: The Best in the Galaxy: Samurai Goroh for SSB4
    *Skull Kid: Skull Kid; The Lost Puppet
    *Starfy: The Literal Superstar: Starfy for SSB4
    *Takamaru: 忘れられていたサムライ: Takamaru for SSB4
    *Tingle: The happy Mapmaker, Tingle for SSB4!
    *Waluigi: Waluigi's Sycophantic Support Thread!

    Confirmed Poke Ball Pokemon

    *Deoxys: "It Came From Outer Space! No 386, Deoxys!
    *Eevee: Eevee, the Evolution Pokemon for Smash 4!
    *Gardevoir: A Wild Card Appears: Gardevoir Thread
    *Genesect: The Genetically Enhanced Insect: Genesect Support Thread
    *Keldeo: Keldeo would like to battle!
    *Kyurem: The husk of the black and white pokemon legends: Kyurem
    *Meloetta: The Graceful Relic Melody: Meloetta Support Thread
    *Meowth: That's Right! Meowth in Smash 4
    *Mew: Everyone's Favorate Pink Psychic Pokemon! MEW THREAD
    *Victini: Victorious Victini Support Thread (That is Victorious~)
    *Zoroark: Master of Illusions: Zoroark for Smash 4

    Confirmed Stage Elements

    *Axew: The cute little dragon: Axew for SSB4!
    *Dragonite: "He's a Bruiser and You New Best Pal!" Dragonite for SSB4!"
    *Nabbit: The Mushroom Bandit: Nabbit
    *Ridley: The Ridley for SSB4 Thread
    *Shy Guy: Shy Guy
    *Tortimer: Heh heh HORF! The Tortimer for SSB4 Thread!
    *Viridi: Viridi's Lovely Mound of Earthly Support Thread

    Confirmed Trophy Cameos

    *Rayman: Rayman: Hero of the Glade of Dreams Discussion Thread
    *Tiki: The Time to Rest is Over, the Divine Dragon Tiki Awakens!
    *Wonderful 101: Welcome to the wonderful 101!

    Confirmed Enemies

    *Bonkers: Going: Bonkers For SSB4!
    *Goomba (Solo): Goomba for Super Smash Bros!
    *Goomba & Koopa Troopa (duo): an Interesting Idea: Goomba and Koopa!
    *Hammer Bro: The Koopa who Wields a Hammer: Hammer Bro. for SSB4
    *Kamek: Dark Magikoopa: Kamek

    Non-Playable, but status unknown

    Other Disconfirmations

    *Toad: Toad parade - Toad for SSB 4
    *Tom Nook: Animal Crossing's Friendly Merchant: The Tom Nook Thread

    Other Topics

    *3rd Party "Legendaries" Thread (Brand New, Check it Out)
    *A Bit of a Reality Check for the Newcomer Hopefuls.
    *A man can dream - An original character for Super Smash Bros. 4
    *Another Series of Smash Polls (by franchise, Facebook based)
    *Are Unlockables making the jump to starter?
    *Are you ready for the worst?
    *Assist Trophies that you'll like to see playable in the next Smash Bros.? (Wii U)
    *Best New Character in Smash 4 Poll
    *Big List of Potential Alt Costumes
    *Character Archetypes in Smash Bros.
    *Characters Made Just For Smash
    *Considering the Confirmed Characters...
    *Conversations about codec conversations!
    *Crossovers thread. Who has met who, where and how?
    *Did Nintendo make bad choices for newcomers?
    *Downloadable Content: A Good or Bad thing for the Roster?
    *Franchise representation vs. sales
    *How many characters will be in Smash4
    *How/When do you want to find out the final roster?
    *If every single series currently in Smash got one new rep...
    *If only there was a possiblity to 6 more characters to the roster ? and few questions
    *If SSB4 Was Owned By SEGA
    *Joke Characters: Yes, No or **** No?
    *Last minute Melee style clones.
    *Limitations-Will they Ruin/Change the Roster?
    *Looking Back!
    *Luigifying veteran clones
    *more representation for less popular games.
    *New Character Intros
    *Nintendo Downloadable Title Character/Series thread
    *Nintendo Hierarchy Thread!
    *OC Challenge Thread
    *Official Character Palette Swap Thread
    *One night stands? Discuss new series reps!
    *Pit's & Palutena's SSB4 Codecs
    *REAL LIFE PERSON REP in Smash 4?
    *Replacing those damn Landmasters (Oh, and Triforce Slash and PK Starstorm)
    *Resolving squabbles and uncertainties!
    *Roster Design-What Should it Look Like?
    *Sakurai seem to be going for new Series.
    *Separating Transforming Characters?
    *Series Representation
    *Should Giga Bowser remain playable or return as a Boss character?
    *Size Comparisons of Possible Newcomers
    *Smash 4 Speculation Chart
    *Smash Bingo - The SSB4 Cast Prediction Forum Game
    *Smash bros needs more girls? Why
    *Smash World Forum's Smash4 Group Roster
    *Smashchu's Roster Analysis
    *SSB4 Speculation Lottery
    *Starter or Unlockable?
    *Such Villainy!!! Should More Villains be included in Smash 4?
    *System-Exclusive Characters
    *The Big Representation Breakdown Thread
    *The Graveyard: Disconfirmed Character Thread
    *The greatest come-back? Discuss retro characters here!
    *The Ideal Melee Roster Reboot thread
    *The "Nintendo Console" Rule
    *The Official Signature Image Thread
    *The Probable Character Roster 1.0
    *The Retro Poll
    *The Roster 40
    *The SSB4 Risk Roster Game of Ruination
    *The Super Smash Bros. Roster Maker
    *The surprise-WTF char of this edition
    *The Uniqueness Tier List
    *Third Party Discussions only
    *Top 50 characters.
    *Top 50 Most Wanted Super Smash Bros. 4 Characters
    *Unlocking Your Favorite Characters
    *What about Characters in the game for Marketing Purpoes?
    *What character would help sell the game?
    *What will you look for in a character?
    *Which "impossible" character do you want to see for Smash 4?
    *Will all new characters get Trailers and Posters?
    *Wishlist Roster Thread
    *Who do you want to see in SSB4?
    *Who will be the first newcomers revealed for Smash 4?
    *Who will you Main?
    *Wishlist Roster Thread
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