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Chain Chomp chomps the competition!


Smash Journeyman
Jun 20, 2015
Chain Chomps are one of the most hilarious enemies from the Mario series. Their first appearance (if I remember correctly) was in Super Mario Bros. 3.

But Chain Chomp is already an Assist Trophy. I wonder if it's possible to have Chain Chomp playable as well. We already have a generic Mario enemy in the roster, and that's Piranha Plant. I think we should build up support for an even funnier joke character from the same series, and that's Chain Chomp! Even though it's an Assist Trophy, it never hurts to show support, and create demand. If it can't happen in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, then it can happen in the next Smash. The difference between the Assist Trophy Chain Chomp and the playable Chain Chomp is that the playable Chomp would be stray, and free to move around the stage.

How could playable Chain Chomp work? Many of its moves would involve biting and headbutting. Some moves can have Chain Chomp whipping its chain tail at enemies. Chain Chomp's Final Smash can be turning big, red and angry, and doing considerable damage to anyone in its way. Its recovery move can be spinning its chain tail around like a helicopter blade, similar to Piranha Plant's. How would Chain Chomp grab items if it doesn't have hands? Chain Chomp IS playable in Mario Tennis Aces, so maybe it can grab items the same way it holds a tennis racket.

Chain Chomp was also an item in Mario Kart Double Dash, and boy, everyone LOVED it. It had its own funny theme, and when you see it coming, you REALLY want to get out of the way! It was supposed to return in Mario Kart DS, and early versions of the game had the icon for it, but it was problematic for the system's limitations, so it was replaced with the Bullet Bill for every Mario Kart installment after Double Dash.

Can we support Chain Chomp to be playable in Smash someday? Chain Chomp would be an addition to the roster that's so ridiculous, it's funny. I'll list down supporters when I get the chance.

Some Beedrill

Smash Apprentice
Jul 29, 2017
Behind you
No way we'd get Chain Chomp anytime soon with Piranha Plant. Everybody loved Piranha Plant because it was a random enemy, but everybody would hate it if Chain Chomp was also added. I'd love it though.
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