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CEO Dreamland: Smash 64 Preview

Discussion in 'News' started by KoRoBeNiKi, Apr 13, 2017.

Glen "KoRoBeNiKi" Cabasso, Apr 13, 2017 at 5:00 PM
  1. KoRoBeNiKi

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Northern NJ, 15 minutes from the GW or Manhattan
    ceo 64 newC.jpg

    Community Effort Orlando, or CEO, has always been an important tournament to the Super Smash Bros community with one sole exception -- there hasn't been a Super Smash Bros. 64 event there.

    With the help of a strong local scene, the SSB64 community is looking to have a strong showing at CEO Dreamland. Though a moderately sized at 53 entrants, there are numerous heavy-hitters in every pool. Making top 12 will be a difficult task for every player in attendance.

    Out of State
    Players from several different areas are coming to CEO Dreamland to compete with Florida's best. From Peru comes Alvin "Alvin" Clay Leo Hara again, fresh off a 1st place at Genesis 4 and 1st place at Tacna All Stars 2017, a major held in his home area of Tacna, Peru. The biggest question is whether he has improved on his Yoshi matchup since his last major. With losses at the previous Super Smash Con to two Japanese Yoshi mains which was easily his lowest placement at 13th and many Peruvians noting afterwards that Yoshi is indeed a weaker matchup of his, the biggest question is who is going to win between him and Justin "Wizzrobe" Hallett .

    There are several SSB64 League ranked players coming along with these two. The 40th ranked NTA known for being a stream monster in the same events he's playing and winning is a strong contender with a very strong Falcon and Mario with a Samus and Luigi making up his unique secondaries. 22nd ranked Jason "BarkSanchez" Brody, recently with a very strong set win over Eduardo "Tacos" Tovar and 35th ranked TO extraordinaire Yoshi/Pikachu main Shears have come from MD/VA and 24th ranked Javier "Fireblaster" Romero comes to CEO from Connecticut. The online keyboard sensation SKG/SmashKindaGuy is coming from Texas for his first major. There are also top level fox mains, 48th ranked Jim "$$$ Jim $$$" Orris and 56th ranked "TR3G|Hipstur" from Vegas. along with numerous others as well as 37th ranked Michael "Nintendude" Brancato.

    Local Talents

    An overview of the SSB64 community from Florida
    Florida is known by many as the land of the Yoshis with a bunch of very strong Pikachu mains and secondaries as well. Wizzrobe, now commonly considered top 3 in the USA if not best, is the top Yoshi in the world and is an easy contender for top 3 at this event. He learned Yoshi through another top player scheduled to attend CEO Dreamland, 43rd ranked Ryan "sHEERmADNESS" Gordon. The question now is whether he will win vs. Alvin.

    Other top players from Florida going include the aforementioned Yoshi/Fox/Pikachu sHEERmADNESS, the 39th ranked Eric "Mr. Marbles" Brumley, a very consistent Pikachu main, and deathcpo, a Pikachu/Kirby. It will be up to these players along with some others to challenge the multiple out of state players.

    With CEO's strong history of running incredible tournaments, it will be exciting to see what they pull out for this event. Hopefully, this can become a repeating tournament series for every player to look forward to in the years to come. Don't miss all the action starting April 14-16 and track the progress of your favorite players and track their progress on smash.gg. Check out our viewer's guide to know when and where to tune in for all the exciting matches.

    Notable Players
    1 Alvin :pikachu64::kirby64: Wizzrobe :yoshi64:
    2 Mr. Marbles :pikachu64: BarkSanchez :pikachu64:
    3 Fireblaster :yoshi64::mario64: NTA :falcon64::mario64::samus64:
    4 sHEERmADNESS :yoshi64::fox64::pikachu64: SmashKindaGuy/SKG :pikachu64::jigglypuff64::falcon64::dk64:
    5 deathcpo :pikachu64::kirby64: Shears :yoshi64: :pikachu64:
    6 Hipstur :fox64: $$$ Jim $$$ :fox64:
    7 SPY Nintendude :mario64::fox64: greginator :pikachu64:
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Contributor/Smash 64 Specialist
KoRoBeNiKi or KoRo? for short is a 64/Melee/Project M player from North New Jersey. He started playing competitively in late 2006 and got into 64 within half a year. KoRo? prefers playing with a Keyboard due to his long term play on Kailera Netplay but also competes regularly on a Hori Minipad. He usually attends Nebulous smash tournaments and is otherwise known for running the most recent 64 Tier List thread as well as his puns within the 64 community. Outside of 64 he works in the healthcare industry and is a long term Chess player with an expert rating.

Follow @CabassoG for more information on the 64 community.
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Discussion in 'News' started by KoRoBeNiKi, Apr 13, 2017.

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