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Brawl Online (and other smash) Server

NH Cody

Smash Champion
Apr 17, 2010
Kakariko Village, NH
Join Chillin today for hanging out with fellow smashers and having a grand old time. Post ike and sonic memes to your heart's content :sonic:

There are currently 120 members. We use the standard Dolphin V3 for netplay, which is much less laggy than wifi / wiimmfi is! It's very close to the offline experience. We also have multiple top players in the server willing to help new players and have guides/resources available as well for learning tech, tourney mindset, and character matchups. There is a tournament every week that usually gets around a dozen people, streamed live to Twitch live in HD and uploaded to youtube. The emulator upscales the graphics of the game from the old low resolution of the Wii. Don't miss out on the fun
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