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Official Bob-Omg Social: Count to 300 bob-ombs!


Rawr~ ♪
Mar 15, 2012
Charific Valley
I crave violence of the explosive variety!

~Wanna see what happens when I slap a bob-omb with my tail?

...Wouldn't you be in the blast radius?

~ Please, my parry game in on point. Anyway, wasn't there a counting minigame or something?

Yeah, what would happen if we snuck a bob-omb out of the pile? The number would be off and no one would notice.

~You sure about that... I mean, all these guys do is count. All day. Everyday. ENDLESSLY

What if-- Hear me out-- What if-

~ NO!

I didn't even finish my senten--

~ I know what you're going to say and NO!

But if I make it convincing enough they'll never know. And when the pile blows up, there goes the evidence

~ Sigh... What even is the point of putting in a fake bob-omb anyway? Someone's bound to get susp--


~ NO! That meme is DEAD. It should STAY dead. Arceus help me I will flare blitz this place to the ground if you say it.

--And it's done


72 Bob-ombs in the pile and one IMPOSTOR

~ D-did you just bass boost through text?

But one of my many talents dear Charizard. But one of my many talents.
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