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Best way to hold a controller for Peach?


Smash Apprentice
Nov 3, 2014
Hi everyone!

Recently, I picked up Peach as a secondary (Note: Haven't really played Melee Peach very often), and I've discovered that I quite like using the right hand Claw Grip for things like retreating float Fairs/Bairs and also instant float-cancelled Nairs/Uairs and stuff like that.

But I've also found that my ability to wavedash (just how important is wavedashing for Peach, btw?) is severely hampered, since I like using the Right Trigger to do the air-dodge, and the new grip method kind of makes it really hard to do that.

While I could technically change the control scheme to help make wavedashing easier, I also don't want to rely on it as a crutch, just in case I ever find myself playing Melee Peach.

This got me wondering how Peach mains usually hold their controller. So, that said, what do you guys think is the best grip method to play Peach at her best?

And also, what is your preferred button-layout/control grip for wavedashing?
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