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Because I Have Nothing Better To Do: Joshua for Smash


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Joshua, the Tempest King, Storms Into Battle!

Common Counter Arguments Against Joshua
"Why him?"
A: he's pretty cool

"There are too many FE characters!"
A: it's ok we can cut them all for him

"B-but muh anime swordsmen!"
A: yeah but none of them have ice effects nor do they dab before they attack
unnamed (3).gif

"What about Eirika?"
A: Marth clone

"What about Ephraim?"
A: Bandana Dee clone

"What about [insert other irrelevant FE character here]?"
A: look dude, all FE characters are just clones of another, even Hector is just Axe Ike. But Joshua? Nah, he's the only one who can have an unique moveset and I can prove it.
As you can see, there are currently no valid counterarguments against his inclusion which means he's the most likely FE candidate. I rest my case.

Exhibit B: Joshua's Moveset
General Overview: Joshua is the fastest of all FE characters in the roster, in running speed and frame data, however, normally, he has the weakest damage potential out of all of them.
His idle animation has him standing much like the GBA Swordmaster.
His sword, Audhulma, has range comparable to Marth's Falchion(and a nifty ice effect, though it doesn't freeze), though it possesses no tipper mechanic.

Jab: Joshua performs an overhead slash and then follows with an arching slash in the opposite direction.
Side Tilt: Joshua performs a horizontal slash in front of him in a drawing motion.
Up Tilt: Joshua performs an arching slash above him with both of his hands.
Down Tilt: Joshua throws some sand at the opponent. Cannot crit, but can trip opponents at lower percents.
Dash Attack: Joshua spins while running much like the Myrmidon's attack animation. Only the sword has a hitbox though it's not a multi-hit move.
unnamed (3).gif

Neutral Air: Joshua flips his body in a 90° angle towards the screen and performs a spinning 1080° multi-hit slash around him.
Forward Air: Joshua throws a coin in front of him. It doesn't travel much far but it's quick and its hitstun is slightly lower than Falco's Blaster. Cannot crit.
Back Air: Joshua stabs his sword behind him similar to Pit's BAir.
Up Air: Joshua stabs upwards and spins around, hitting with a multi-hit attack.
Down Air: Joshua stall-and-falls to the ground while holding his sword in front of him, similarly to Cloud's second hit of his Up-B.

Smash Attacks
Forward Smash: Joshua charges in a stance similar to the GBA attack animation and then performs a kick followed by an overhead slash, similar to the Fates' critical hit animation.
(1:55 for reference)
Up Smash: Joshua holds his sword backhand and performs a stab above him while crouching.
Down Smash: Joshua quickly steps back while performing an upwards slash where he was previously standing, launching opponents upwards.

Grab: Joshua grabs his opoonent with his left hand.
Pummel: Joshua stabs the grabbed opponent with his sword.
Forward Throw: Joshua stabs his opoonents, jumps and kicks them out of the sword forward.
Back Throw: Joshua throws his opponent behind before turning around and slashing them.
Up Throw: Joshua throws his opponent in the air and then performs an upwards slash, sending them upwards.
Down Throw: Joshua slams his opponent in the ground and then slashes them, making them bounce off the ground.


Neutral B - Tempest Blade: Joshua holds his sword upwards, ala the magic sword GBA animation, and an ice cyclone surrounds him, dealing ice damage and being able to freeze opponents at higher percents. Touching the sword itself is a guaranteed freeze, however. The move can be held indefinitely but it decreases in power much like Bowser's Fire Breath and after a while the sword won't freeze at all anymore.
images (13).jpeg

Side B - Quickstep: Joshua performs a quickstep a set distance forward, about the same as Fox's Illusion, and then unleashes a drawing slash. Joshua is intangible during the quickstep much like teleport moves. Pressing the button again will have Joshua perform another quickstep instead of a slash, sending him back to where he was, though he won't be intangible during this one.

Up B - Winding Slash: Joshua performs an upwards slash, similar to the GBA Swordmaster attack animation, with a windbox that launches opponents at its start, he then flips in the air and enters free fall.
Down B - Coin Flip: Joshua flips a coin, resulting into one of two things: a golden aura will surround Joshua and his next attack(that can crit) will become a Critical Hit, dealing double damage; or a purple aura will surround him, leading to his next attack whiffing. A 50/50 chance of either happening, it's all up to Lady Luck.

Final Smash - Tempest King
Joshua steps back and four after-images show up behind him, he then unleashes a series of quick slashes in front of him and then finishes with an ascending slash.
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Smash Lord
Feb 14, 2012
Upland California
never played the game that hes from. BUT I can say with absolute certainty that I like his design much MUCH better than any of the sword-lords.


The fairest of them all
Aug 24, 2014
I'll take all the FE they're willing to add, but I don't think even Joshua would bet on this happening. :p someone had to make a joke like this eventually, I'm just sparing everyone else the pain
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