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Beam Sword Frame Data / general usage


Smash Rookie
Jun 28, 2015
Hey all,

I'm a new peach main and I've been looking for frame data / gifs of peach's hitboxes with the beamsword. I never know how to use the item so I usually end up throwing it out. If anyone also has general tips on using the beam sword that would be great too.


Smash Journeyman
Jul 21, 2012
Can't give you GIFs, but jab hat hitboxes frames 9-11 and the next action starts on frame 24, ftilt hits 14-17, next action frame 42, and fsmash charges frame 11, hits frames 17-20, and the next action is frame 60. Damage (unstaled) is: jab 7, ftilt 11, fsmash (uncharged) 15, fsmash (fully charged) 20.5, dash attack first hit (depending on hitbox) 13/12, second hit (depending on hitbox) 13, 12, 11, 8.

All grounded throws have the next action begin frame 24, side throws throw the item frame 10 (except soft bthrow, which is frame 9), up throw frame 11, dthrow frame 9. Smash throw damage (unstaled, no change in direction): up 17.5, down 18, side 15.5. Damage after bounce: uthrow 10.5, fthrow 10, bthrow 9.5, dthrow 12.5. Tilt throw damage (no change in direction): up 13.5, down 14.5, side 12. After bounce: side 7.5/8, down 9, up 10.5. After reaching the apex of the throw and coming back down, both uthrows are 10.5. All damage is of course, unstaled. Battering drop: thrown frame 9, actionable 22, damage 7.5-3.

You also shouldn't view the damage this was as much as a product of the projectile's, the throw data relating to "bounces" and what not is approximated. 10.5% is to be expected from the projectile reaching its "terminal velocity" but if thrown downward would obviously deal more. Horizontally thrown swords also deal more damage the longer they're in the air as a result. The percents shown are meant to be indicative of something someone might actually get hit by in a singles match.

Aerial throws are actionable at the same points, dthrow is frame 10, and both bthrows are frame 9, other frames are the same. Because these can be thrown at any height, I will simply give the maximum damage possible for upward (minimum for all other throws/drops). Smash throw damage: side 13.5 max, up 13.5 max, down 14.5. Tilt throw: up 13.5 ,forward 12.5, back 12, down 14.5, aerial drop 4.5.

For usage, it's a huge disjointed sword, the attacks aren't particularly slow for their size or strength. It's also an excellent projectile for throwing, and hitting someone offstage more or less means a successful edgeguard. I'd say battering drop (z or shield + A on the ground with no direction) is one of the best out of shield options in every game, especially when the opponent is on top or behind.
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