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Baldi support thread


Smash Apprentice
Jul 17, 2018
This is literally never gonna happen and I don’t have any hope for Baldi but I made a move set thing and a stage idea so bare with me
Baldi would be fast and have strong rule smacks but have weaker attacks like quarter throwing and sending out gotta sweep to go in a straight line hitting ppl until gotta sweep falls off the stage,he could whip using a jump rope and use bsoda or other items

Alt costumes
-orange shirt(bully)
-red shirt(playtime and file name 2)
-grey shirt(principal)
-blue shirt with gotta sweep on it(self explanatory)
-white shirt with googly eyes(arts and crafters)
-exit sign shirt
-shirt with heart(1st prize)

Stage:here school
On the you can think pad it has various locations on the school it switches through with characters in the background and the platforms are lockers desks tables vending machines and stuff

Taunts:read note book,slap ruler and make an angry face
Winning:smiling in front of chalk board
Losing:angry claps


Smash Apprentice
Jul 17, 2018
Also his final smash would be every one in a certain radius goes on a giant note book and Baldi ruler smacks them

Moveset and stage
Here school:takes place on the math pad thingy and goes through rooms in the school with characters as cameos,bully will make items disappear and not spawn,arts and crafters violently shakes the stage (could be assist throphy) playtime increases gravity (if they where assist throphy they would trap u in jump rope),first prize would push you,and principal will slow down time or make you do way less damage
Baldi smash move-set

A:ruler smack

AAA:multiple ruler hits

Rapid A:Ruler thrusts forward instead of smacking

Dash A:shoots b soda blast

Up tilt:ruler hit

Side tilt:ruler hit

Down tilt:Bear trap kicked from bellow

Up smash: playtimes jump rope used as a whip

Side Smash: chargeable throw(like pac man) in order

1.Zestybar,heals teammate but does the least amount of damage

2.notebook,goes throw multiple opponents

3.lock,freezes players for a bit

4.quarter,acts as boomerang

5.sends out gotta sweep to do damage carrying anyone with him off the stage

Down Smash:Vending machine

Neutral air:spins holding ruler to attack

Up air:teleports (I think up air is recovery)

Down air:helicopter kick

Forwards air:launches forward with note book held out ward

Back air:backflips and ruler smacks

Grab:holds them like he holds his ruler

Grab attack:hits them with ruler as they are held

Up throw:throws them up using b soda

Down throw:uses jumprope to whip them down

Forward throw:same as up throw but forward

Back throw:same as down throw but backwards

B:glitch text shot out of note book or you can think pad

Up B:throws up a random baldi item

Side B:Gotta sweep sent out

Down B:Uses vending machine to burry opponents in the floor

Taunt 1:Oh,Hi.

Taunt 2.frowns

Taunt 3.reads note book

Victory 1:Falls from the sky and waves

Victory 2:his jump scare then him leaning against his ruler reading

Victory 3:teleports around the points his ruler at the screen



2:Camping gear

3:red shirt(file name two and play time)

4:grey shirt(principal

5:blue shirt (with a heart on it)with green pants(1st prize)

6: greyscale baldi

7:black shirt with beige pants (chalkboard color palette)

8:orange shirt(it’s a bully)

Final Smash:Door appears in the background and anyone sucked in gets transported to the woods with baldis bus where he runs them over[/

Also he could dab


Smash Journeyman
Sep 23, 2018
Baldi’s basics in education and learning

It’s a viral video game


Smash Rookie
Oct 2, 2018
If Baldi gets in Smash Bros. I will personally bump my head in the wall until I realize it will never happen and party for the revelation


Smash Rookie
Oct 2, 2018
But I would be salty over it since his design is....well, weird.
And I've seen what he can do. He has lethal joke attacks.

Also, there is on Youtube a video that showcases a what if situation of Baldi in the game.
It doesn't end well for the Original 12.


Smash Journeyman
Oct 17, 2018
Baldi should never be in Smash. It's a scenario that should stay in our immagination. He DOESN'T BELONG. i would rather have anyone else.


Smash Journeyman
Oct 17, 2018
People id rather have

Freddy Fazbear
Ty the Tasmanian tiger
The Angry Video Game Nerd

Baldi is my least wanted Newcomer aa I would take litteraly anyone else.

Also the creator of the this thread's moveset is just horrendous
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