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Baby Bowser joins the battle!


Smash Hero
May 27, 2019
Waiting for Latias and Latios to get a theme
Switch FC
Who is Baby Bowser?

Baby Bowser is the main antagonist of the mainline Yoshi games, First appearing in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Baby Bowser is the main antagonist of most Yoshi games, with his most recent appearance being Yoshi's Crafted World. His appearance was changed to a design resembling Bowser Jr. from Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time onwards.

Why should he be in Smash?
Baby Bowser at the moment seems to be the most likely option for a Yoshi villain via dlc, as Kamek is a stage hazard on the mushroom kingdom u stage. And Baby Bowser is one of the most frequently recurring villains, being all the more likely. He also seems likely as a semi clone of bowser, due to having different weights, size, and attacks compared to bowser.

The Fighters pass is all third party!
This was never officially stated by Nintendo and is only a fan theory.
Sakurai said only unique characters would be in!
Fair fair, but like wolf in brawl, he could be a bit of a mix of others, due to the fact many of bowsers attacks don't work well with baby bowser. His main self would be bowser, and then he could use attacks from others mixed in, and change up the specials to fit him more.
He's a spirit!
Spirits are not confirmed to automatically deconfirm fighters. As of now, nothing has been said.

Thanks for reading.


Smash Champion
May 10, 2017
I would literally hype for Baby Bowser if he reuse the weaponry the chain mace shy guy uses. I could imagine Baby Bowser having more destructive fire balls and quicker ground pound.
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