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Any great ways of shield pressuring ?


Smash Rookie
Jun 20, 2014
I love putting pressure on my opponents and I would just like to know what you guys do to shield pressure so that I may implement that into my game to mix it up a bit. My strategy for shield pressuring is, if i'm in front of my opponent, D-Air (No FF) > Down-B. Usually drains their shield by a lot. The only problems with this is, although you end up behind them in succession, you're left vulnerable due to the recovering time of the Down-B. Another issue is, after the D-air, they may still be able to grab, depending on their character. If I know they're going to attempt this, D-Air > Grab Parry > DJC N-air, if they have high damage, if not, then I just do attacks such as F-Air, B, etc. after the Grab Parry to set-up for more damage.

What do you guys do?
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Smash Lord
Mar 27, 2008
in a tree
I love Dair, but usually I'll just use it and cross up their shield to avoid the Shield Grab, I avoid downB since it's so punishable.

I also really like DJC Nair to jabs, switching up the jab timing to help cover the shield grab, or occasionally going for the Dsmash after nair if I see the CC coming. Egg roll crossups to whatever also can work well.

I mainly stick to this and throw out frequent grabs and egg lays to make them fear even going into their shield in the first place.


Smash Apprentice
Jan 7, 2014
I think Yoshi's d-air doesn't have solid shield pressure because as you say the landing lag from down-b is huge. It's long enough for many characters to punish it with an OOS option before you're able to shield, even if you crossup on shield eg Mario's , DK's, and Bowser's up-b (and many more), grabbing from behind, etc. If d-air could shield poke it'd be amazing but it usually doesn't work out when I try to do that. DJC n-air strings are also okay but it's punishable. The pullback from f-smash can get you far enough away from short range grabs if you use it after DJC n-air. D-tilt is also pretty good because it has the lowest endlag of all Yoshi's tilts and they can't attack you if you space it correctly because it's disjointed for the whole tail. If you could shield poke the grounded down-b startup after damaging their shield that'd be awesome. Does side-b damage their shield enough for Yoshi to shieldpoke them when he pops out of the egg?

Qwinn Yoshi

Smash Rookie
May 23, 2014
Yoshi's Island
Double jump cancel Nair, Dair mix ups, and (At the edge) Dash attack shield push edge cancel then double jump back with any aerial attack, my opinion on best options are Dair or Nair. That's all I know on shield pressure, so far.


Smash Ace
Jan 31, 2014
I do a few different types of shield Pressure:
Eggroll, although punishable, does enormous shield pressure. If you use it creatively (ex. starting right below a platform where you would usually waveland so that you end up on the platform, then reversing and rolling off so that you have a hitbox in the air.) you can get in on most situations. If they shield, you can get out of eggroll and DJC N-air or F-air. If they shield that, you can L-cancel and jab. There's a thing I discovered where if you time your jabs, you can apply massive shield pressure and force them to make 1 of 2 decisions. What you want to do is to jab - jab - jab - jab in a rhythm. Doing a double jab quickly does alittle, but it's punishable. If you time the jabs in a rhythm, they get very limited options, and it also plays mind games on them since you can use the double jab in other scenarios. But if you're jabbing in Rhythm, they can only roll away or time a shield grab. You can parry the grab, and read the roll. If they roll into you, they get jabbed. If they jump OoS, they get Jabbed. If they spot dodge OoS, they get jabbed. If they keep their shield, they'll get Jabbed or their shield will break. Out of this pressure, you can read one of the safe options and get a grab, or grab parry, or throw in a double jab to stuff a shield grab. and you can get DJC N-airs and grabs and whatever you want out of a landed jab.

As far as D-air goes, I get them onto a platform above me and then jump up with a D-air. If they shield, I get as many hits in as I can, (Because D-air eats like 70-80% of their shield) and then I do what most of you haven't considered, not land (of course you L cancel) and parry and stuff, but Ledge-cancel. If you ledge-cancel, you don't have to L cancel, and you'll be out of range for them to retaliate. If your opponent is unfamiliar with that, they'll try (and fail) to shield grab you. Then you Rising F-air them to a N-air or U-air. Ledge-canceling is my thing, it makes combos even more ridiculous and fast.
Also, if you L cancel D-air, you can double jab immediately or do the timed jab.

Every Yoshi should have ledge canceling perfected, it's an amazing tool for Yoshi (and for any character for that matter) and it'll speed up your combos and set-ups will appear that you didn't think about.

I hope this helped guys!
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