An Update regarding the Harassment Task Force


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Dec 19, 2013
Hello all,

I'm here again to give a brief update on what the members of the Harassment Task Force have been up to in the last month. If you'll recall, the panel was put together to address harassment and bullying, both on our social media pages and at our events, and determine a system by which people could report incidents without having scarlet letters pinned to people's chests. And, in the event that someone is indeed found to be engaging in harassment, to be able to implement bans or suspensions that have impact outside of their local scene. To that end, the following milestones have been reached:

- We have drafted a completed code of conduct, establishing a system of reporting, disciplinary and appeals panels, and tiered system of offenses and sanctions. This code's framework is borrowed from the E-Sports Integrity Commission's Code of Conduct, and was drafted with input and consent of a member of its legal team.

- We are in the process of creating a short form of the code of conduct that would be given out to players at events and TOs of the major tournaments. To avoid having everyone memorize a nine-page legal document, this aims to be the short and sweet version that will be easy to display or keep around.

- We have discussed and catalogued case studies from the past several years, to ensure that the new system abides by precedent where appropriate, and to ensure that breaks with precedent are fully supported in the language of the document. The idea is that we can learn from the successes and mistakes of suspension efforts in the past, and to create a more efficient system moving forward.

Our next steps will be finishing the short form, collecting signatories to the Code of Conduct, and then finalizing the language and panelists for the next step in the process. The goal is to get the signature of any tournament organizer who has shown themselves capable of running a tournament with more than 150 people. If that's you, expect a message from me within the next few weeks.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to contact me at roboticphish roboticphish . Thank you all for your time.
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