Altered Beast is Poised for a Re-birth


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Aug 12, 2012
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30 years goes by spectacularly fast. As of this month, Altered Beast--the nostalgic yet oft-maligned--side scrolling beat-em-up is turning 30. Released in the arcades, followed by ports to the Genesis and near-countless others, Altered Beast has never been a favored franchise by Sega, historically. Nor particularly by fans.

There have been attempts at revivals--Altered Beast: Guardian of the Realms--which was an accurate homage with some good ideas, yet was a slog to complete, and Project Altered Beast, which was a re-imagining that failed on gameplay and even nostalgia.

Despite this, there have been signs that Altered Beast is ready to re-emerge once more:

1. With the 30th anniversary upon us, Sega and Funko Pop have released werewolf figures. Accompanying these figures are a new logo; it would seem an odd choice to go through the trouble of making a logo soley for Funko.

2. About two years ago, Sega inked a deal with a media company to produce a show or movie about Altered Beast, and we should be seeing the fruits of that labor soon.

3. In an older Sega Blogs interview with M2, who ported 3D Altered Beast to the 3DS, the developers stated that there was no outstanding reason to port the game other than the fact that they looked at what sold on the Wii Virtual Console, and Altered Beast was high atop the charts. Clearly, the game still sells.

4. Altered Beast was one of--if not the--first games featured on Sega Forever, and has been downloaded 500-thousand times on Android alone.

5. In the Sega Genesis Collection trailer for PS4, XBox One, and PC, Altered Beast was featured heavily.

6. Despite not having a featured game since 2005, Sega has kept the series somewhat in our collective conscience with guest appearances of Neff's rhino form in Wreck-It Ralph and the werewolf appearing in Project X-Zone 2 for 3DS.

7. Sega recently said they were looking to bring back old franchises, and they have three unannounced digital games for Q3 2018.

I know this might not mean much to many, and that it could all be circumstantial. Yet, it means a lot to myself from a gaming perspective. Altered Beast--along with Sonic, of course--cemented my fondness of the Genesis and Sega as a whole. While a short, sometimes crude ride, playing as different beasts co-op with a friend was incredible fun as an adolescent.

Optimistically, I'd love for Altered Beast to be featured in Smash Bros. as a fighter or assist trophy (I even created a thread for it: ), I realize that this is unrealistic.

In Sega even acknowledging Altered Beast with figures and a possible movie, it's enough. However, I'd gladly take more from one of my favorite games.
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