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Advice for being more confident in going offstage


Smash Rookie
Jul 3, 2020
Switch FC
I know that banjo has the tools to make offstage play really easy but for some reason I just don't have it in me. My nerves won't let me at all, but for some reason I'm able to do it with Min Min (main) but I can't with Banjo.
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Cap'n Jack

Smash Lord
Apr 23, 2015
Banjo’s eggs are incredible ledge trappers so I just don’t feel the need to go off stage unless I want to dunk on my opponent

Riot Frenzy

Smash Rookie
Jun 19, 2019
^ Agreed, mastery of Banjo's eggs are powerful ledge tools. Outside of that I have seen players go for wonder wing off stage when having 2 or more feathers as well as falling into a back air to catch bad up b's and jumps. I myself like his down tilt and down smash to 2frame if opponents can navigate his eggs.
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