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A WTF echo for a WTF character... The Bellsprout support thread


Smash Journeyman
Nov 6, 2019
Petey has always been regarded as the most WTF character in Smash Bros history, as he was out of nowhere, hilariously random, and decently good for a random potted plant.

Recently, I posted about multi-series echoes, aka echo fighters from other series than the base character. Dozens of people have immediately thought of Hitmonchan (Pokémon) as an echo for the already existing Little Mac (Punch Out!)

I came up with the idea of Bellsprout, yes Bellsprout, from pokémon to echo the PP.
Of course, a Peashooter could work for this too, but I already made a thread about him as a semi-clone for the Piranha Plant.

:ultpiranha:'s ptooie attack could be copied over (with a few changes), along with leaf and pot attacks.

1. Normal
(It's literally just a bellsprout in a brown pot)
2. Yellow
(Shiny Bellsprout in a golden pot)
3. Blue
(The bellsprout itself turns a light shade of blue, and its lips turn a deep ocean blue color. It's pot turns black)
4. Red
(Bellsprout's stem turns into a deep yellwoish-brown, and it's leaves and lips turn red. Its pot stays brown)
5. Sketch
(An uncolored drawing of bell sprout, with the pot skribbled in brown)
6. Brown
(The entirety of the fighter becomes different shades of brown)
7. Ditto
(Just turns into ditto goo version of itself)
8. Blue ditto
(Ditto goo again, but its shiny)

This was horrible to come up with, and horrible to find ways to justify it... This monstrousity could be easily the most powerful fhighter to ever grace the battlefield... Or not.
What are you thoughts on this trainwreck of an idea? I look forward to reading your thoughts!


Smash Journeyman
Nov 6, 2019
I don't know. Honestly, can you give some differences and reasons for inclusion?
The ptooie ball would have to be changed to mimic a grass move like bullet seed or seed bomb, something along those lines...
As for reasons to include... I don't have any... It was kind of a one-off in my brain and I kindof lost my reasoning...
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