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A list of All Mac mains


Smash Journeyman
Jun 7, 2015
So, this is going to be a continuing work in progress, but i am at least going to get the thread started. Now, i want to make clear that while i will list ALL Mac mains, i will be labeling and listing them based on how relevant they are (notability, offline/online player, notable wins and placings, vods/social networking contacts, etc.) so bear this in mind. It's going to look a little rough at first, but i will be improving and expanding this thread over time.


Sol (#1 Mac PR)
Vash (#2 Mac PR)
Alphicans (#3 Mac PR)
Destany (#4 Mac PR)
Achilles (#5 Mac PR)
Rekzius (#6 Mac PR)
Duffo (#7 Mac PR)
ZekkenB (#8 Mac PR)
TG-Senpai (#9 Mac PR)
ISM Cagt (#10 Mac PR)
J.A.P.A.N. (HM Mac PR)
Doc (HM Mac PR)
LilPac (HM Mac PR)
BrawlerG (HM Mac PR)
ButtPhart (HM Mac PR)

Sandman (Canada)
Chota (Mexico)
Naoto (Midwest)
WonderBread (Florida)
Pu55yK1ng (Socal)
Metalrifter (Socal)
Zfly (Socal)
Zartzu (Europe)
Bane (Socal)
StraponFetus (Texas)
LiteralBacon (?)
Deedster (NewYork)
DynoWright (Norcal)
Spider (New England MA)
CockChopz (New England CT)
JoeCool (Midwest)
Famous (New Brunswick)
Ego (?)
Gavi (Puerto Rico)
Sendo (?)
Billwally (?)
Qwooken (Texas)
Big Timber (Illinios)
Tom (Netherlands)

Probably missing some. Again, i want to list their region, PR ranking (if relevant, either in region or otherwise), list of Vods (at least one vod, preferably tourney matches), And various social networking (twitch, twitter, Youtube, etc.), tourney placing/notable wins.

If you want me to list you, let me know, and provide everything you can i asked for above. Also, please let me know of anything information i am missing and i will add it in the OP. Thank you guys so much in advance!
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Smash Journeyman
Jun 7, 2015
You can write me down as Tom.

I dont go to tourneys so no PR, but I am in Europe, the netherlands to be more specific if that matters at all.
My Youtube channel is www.youtube.com/tomvanharmelen.
I only have FG and friendlies as matches to show, or I can link my combo montage stuff?
your youtube channel is fine for now. i plan on linking one Vod per player, so as not to clutter the OP too much. thanks dude.


Smash Rookie
Oct 5, 2015
Boston, MA
StrapOnFetus is from Texas
Deedster's from NY
Spider's from New England (MA), just like me
CockChopz is also from New England (CT)
JoeCool is Midwest
Famous is in New Brunswick
Gavi is in Puerto Rico
BigTimber's in Illinois

Oh, and please make my name ISM Cagt :p

For those who are wondering why the first Macs are in red, and why they have "Mac PR" next to them, this is what we're referring to~



Smash Journeyman
Jun 7, 2015
Thanks guys ill make the changes in the op tonight
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