Oh man, there's quite a few. I just drove all day so I'm gonna be a bit scatterbrained, but here's some general ideas for the mod:

Offensive stuff:

Much stronger DI, generally stronger than even Melee's
No more hitstun cancelling and higher overall hitstun
After a certain percentage, you can no longer tech walls
Even if you do tech walls, you will still take the full hitstun of that move (this one needs ironing out)
Grabs now are set to six different frame data "sets". Three for melee grabs and three for tether grabs
All tether grabs are able to catch a fresh spot dodge
After a certain time frame of charging smash attacks, you can roll out of the charge but cannot shield

Mobility stuff:

The lowest and highest dash and walk speeds are much closer together
Everyone can wall jump
Wavedashing is functionally like Melee but has its own button and can stale like dodges do
Initial dash speeds are more or less universal among the cast
All first jumps are the same height
Double jumps are generally worse
A new mobility tool, an air dash (Takes up one of your double jumps and multijumpers can only air dash once. You propel forward or backwards very fast and can use anything during it. Can be bodyblocked)

Defensive stuff:

Shieldstun in general is better, making things more safe on shield
Shield drop is faster however
Perfect shielding would most likely be easier but have a tangible tradeoff (ironing out the concept)
No shield regen
Shield breaks are MUCH shorter (like 1 second long)
After shield break, shield is fully restored
THE TemporaryFool
THE TemporaryFool
And the characters are designed around the mechanics?
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