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  • Changing Screen name from MED$ to Zaxxor as its the tag i use in a lot of games, and i do not main doc any more
    ahh interesting. i remember when i played project m (before 2.5) i really noticed the input lag, like you were saying, and it was definitely a huge turnoff. but if they got rid of it now, that definitely sounds more appealing. Def gonna give it a shot.
    No i actually haven't played PM all too much, maybe several times at most. But it looks kinda cool and I had fun playing it so I probably will play it more in the near future. I remember trying g&w in PM once and it didn't feel enough like melee g&w so I stopped playing it. I don't know if there's much of a difference from whatever version of PM I had played and this version 2.5 you speak of, though.
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