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  • I wish I got the chance to talk to you more often dood. You seemed like a cool guy from what I saw of you on the boards.

    Well if you think the decision you're making is best for you then best of luck man :)
    holy crap, that'd rock, yo! I can finally ditch the crappy template I'm using and use some real graphics, rofl

    nah, don't worry 'bout that! whatever you got I'll take it!

    I have made an interesting game element, not sure if this has been done before but basically its a ?-mark block kinda like the ones in super mario bros. lol and when you step on it, it makes something happen. dunno if we'd use them in game but it's a nifty way to get rupees to spawn w/o killing something.

    speaking of which, great job on the rupees, they look totally awesome in game
    wassup my man, hows the heart sprites comin' ??

    I posted the logo to the site and forum, it looks awesome!!
    As big as you can get. PM me. Oh, and I have a couple new projects for you, I'll inform you later. I'm working right now.
    heh ok we have to redo the tile set... this time do it w/transparent background, and if you could please provide me with grid lines so that I know exactly where to "draw" the crop box, cause w/o it, the individual states of the animation are varied so the finished product "shakes" around lol. other than that it works great, but b/c of these 2 things it looks very strange, it has a green outline cause color removal misses a few pixels here and there, and some are even blened in w/the graphic itself somehow, and the shaking thing is just too odd.

    or you can cut me 7 more animated gifs, since we already have "facing south", this would be even better, but dunno how much work that is compared to redoing the tile set.

    on the bright side once we get the process down pat we can then apply the process to future sprites, and it'll go much smoother.
    alright dude, I downloaded a .zip file for the mac game maker beta that they have available here:


    You could download it yourself but it requires registration and whatnot, so if you prefer I have saved a copy on my server:


    My mac is too "old" to run it, lol but after reading up on the site a bit it appears the beta version is now inactive and scheduled for re-release in the next month or two... if it doesn't work, well... we'll figure something out.

    If it does work... download my game maker file and try to load it...


    Good luck! If this doesn't work, we'll discuss options at the meeting tomorrow
    oh ****! I totally forgot >< oh wow... heh, hmmmmm..... errr. wow I just realized, you won't even be able to play the zelda game once we're done with it! >< or even partially on the way through like, beta test it? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this makes me wonder if we shouldn't look into a game making program that is both pc/mac compatible.


    i'll get back to ya on this, lol *goes to research*
    don't worry about "hogging" the user group, that's why I created it, so we'd all have a place to dump our ideas/work. btw finally finished the test game asteroid invaders :D check it out!
    I'm loving that man. Oh, what about the tentacles? Are you working on animating them?
    awesome, I think urdairly's in so we good, I wrote spire we'll see... and sure! *checks it out now*
    great question. the default is 64x64 pixels however you can make them larger if you need to. the game itself can be played in "full screen" mode, and the game play "rooms" can take up the whole screen. game maker allows you to set the game size, resolution, etc. so we can make it a fixed window at 800x600 or 1024x1268 etc, 32-bit depth or 16 bit, and "resizable" or 'fixed' etc ... lots of options. for this first game I'd recommend we make the sprites 64x64 but if that's too small try 128x128
    spire can't meet mondays so pick a day that's good for you, he can do any day other than sunday/monday and post in the board and we'll have a consensus
    uh... actually yeah that's ok for me, so long as it's ok for urdaily and spire, do you mind asking them and if they're cool w/it lemme know and I'll update the board.
    lol reminds me of the hippo in harvey birdman "hey! you get that thing I sent you??" :D I love it already and I haven't even read it, cause detail = awesome. THANK YOU. I will get to it soon, gotta head out in a bit...
    LOL yeah, and I have lots of time on my hands :D Speaking of which I've been making an arcade styled game so I can practice game maker... it's an asteroids meets space invaders game but it's perfect for learning how to use it.
    that's actually what I want from ya, your ideas, as plainly put as possible so there's no misinterpretation. Then I will write it up. *has a degree in Creative Writing* ^^
    I told you guys already, I'm doing this project alone. Sorry, but I feel like I may never actually start on it otherwise.
    If you do, get a year's worth. It's only $12 and you get:
    - lime green name
    - custom title (change whenever you want)
    - access to Disco Room
    - ability to change your name
    - and you're supporting SWF

    I was already a mod when I bought it, so the title and name color didn't matter to me. I just wanted to support SWF.
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