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    Hey, I assume you are who i played earlier?

    Hey, I assume you are who i played earlier?
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    eyyy, i bodied u haha GGs

    eyyy, i bodied u haha GGs
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    sorry i just bodied you so hard lmao

    sorry i just bodied you so hard lmao
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    MADzen here

    MADzen here
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    PAC-MAN Discord Community

    YO could i get in on this!!
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    you got it :p

    you got it :p
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    Important Pac-Man Patch Notes (Bayo and Corrin)

    is the Grab confirmed unchanged?
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    Bayonetta Combo & Followup Thread! [WIP]

    At ~92% you can get dtilt -> upB -> sideB -> jump nair as an alternate followup and it can also kill if spaced right off stage and it seems like Fair 1 is rly good to just toss into combos, as it still connects to a lot of her stuff. Like Dtilt fair1 into up B into everything :p
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    Bayonetta Combo & Followup Thread! [WIP]

    I've found SH UAir to Fair1 to UpB to connect starting around 40% also you can end that combo with Uair as well which i find easier to land and kills off the top so you dont have to be near the ledge to kill with it. Starting at 90% on Sheik.
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    Which Pikachu hat do you use?

    Red's Hat because I'm a gen wunner :p that and i own the hat IRL. and i play red/white combo on any of my characters that have it.
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    Is it just me or is everyone naturally good with Cloud?

    I had the same sentiments as you in the first days of Cloud's release. I was losing with my mains, who I put hours into, only to switch to Cloud and 2 stock their Cloud easily. I whined and complained that he was busted, and he might be, but i've been learning ways to deal with him day by day...
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    Cool Thing with Two Clouds! "Death Ladder"

    I've had this actually happen in CLoud dittos. I mean, not into the sky but offstage trying to recover and using the opposing clouds up to live while he failed to make it lol
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    "Avalanche": Cloud combo, moveset, and tech sharing thread

    pretty cool LB setups.
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    Do you use your taunt? Why?

    I play Captain Falcon, what do you think ?
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    Pacman Skype Group

    I never got any word back on this, so I'm not sure how active the group is.
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