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  • So look like were partners buddy! :) And let's have a match sometimes buddy. :)
    Until all of the slots are filled no one knows who or when the tournament start same goes for the partner.
    Hey, zen1 if your looking for a 2v2 match I'am holding a 2v2 tournament the only problem is that the partners are random, also there is no items and you have to come up with a team name with your partner if you want more info or want join message me okay bye.
    Good games man, you're getting better every time I see you. You play really weirdly though. Like, no one I've ever played before does it like you, I love it. you make up for lack of defense with offense, it really threw me off for the first few matches. Idk who your best was, really. I'd have to look for it when we play again since you were pretty good with everyone you used
    Not yet. I have been busy posting a bulletin of hosting a brawl tournament on the 23rd. You should check it out, its a tournament for New Mexico! :)
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