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  • send me a PM on either smashboards or AIM (flarecast@hotmail.com) if you want to play.
    Na its fine. Your just helping me procrastinate. lol its less boring the HW at least. Thanks. =)
    I'll play you sometime tomorrow.
    Sorry I can't right now. I promised someone else I'd play them.
    And my Wifi isn't letting my play them either. =(
    So maybe later.
    I have both MSN and AIM, but I preffer MSN by a lot. Way more user friendly and faster than AIM, in my opinion.

    Oh, to my knowledge, I don't think AIM can mix with MSN, but I could be wrong =S
    Alright I'll keep that in mind.
    Yeah sure I'll play later. But in like 2 hours, I'm at work right now.
    The only thing thats holding me back is that I don't know if you can talk to people on MSN with AIM. So its like I have to pick one.
    Sorry I don't right know.
    I was actually thinking of getting either MSN or AIM today.
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