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  • Hey man sorry none of the falcos got your vids critiqued. i just finished. go check the critique thread its on there. I only did your match with snake. I will ask another falco to look at the wario one for you . Good job bring your vids to get reviewed thats the first step. Keep it up.
    Yeah I have MSN but I cant really send that much stuff over MSN, it probably wouldn't let me. Not to mention my internet cuts out a lot.

    If you bring a SD Card to next StreetGeek or even SAGA Fest and give it to me, I can take it home, put everything you need for Brawl+ and bring it back for next time if you want.
    Yeah, I'm probably coming on friday. But I won't be sleeping there, I have started playing tennis and I'm playing winter, and my next match is saturday morning.
    lol is all I can say lol
    btw I can now finish cult of personality on expert even the solo

    also wat is ur fav song?
    yeah I can make somany jokes about it

    my fav animes are death note and full metal achemest or how ever u spell it

    btw don't use ice climbers
    (wait listen to your brain if he used ice climbers you can beat him) no wait use ice climber you will win easily ;)
    Cult of Personality solo is quite difficult. How u get past it is:
    Save all of ur star power so u have max. When the solo at around 70% of the song comes, go through it till ur about to go to red, the activate it, u should get past it. It's how i did One on expert also.
    I just need to do Cliffs of Dover and Raining blood then im done.

    I am bringing my 360, but not a t.v. and yes i have GH III.
    yeah solo is hard I can sort of play it only on practice though lol my brother can play expert cult of personality expert even the solo if that is how u spell it
    Picked up Fox hey? I suppose you have realized his awesomeness.

    However you will never surpass my mad fox skillz.
    what ever u want i'm going all night I think
    also snake dittos i'll be happy to have friendlies i'm starting to use fox and lucas but lucas not as much I like his B stick where u change c stick to special
    its awesome
    Sure. You mean the 2v2 right? I think we'll be staying for the whole thing this time. I've picked up DK btw, your Sonic or whoever the hell you use will lose. LOSE.

    L O S E.

    Ell, Oh, Ess, Eee.

    See you then! ^_^
    I've played him a few times. He almost beat me last LAN, thanks to a lucky trip though I won. ;)
    No, I don't. Sorry. You're just going to have to wait to get thrashed like the rest of them. Especially that chocolatey-fudge cake guy, DJ.
    It doesn't matter who you pick, you will be ever-so-greatly thrashed anyways.
    Pika?! That's low man. Real low.

    I guess I'll need to practice a little more Marth then or something.
    maining snake falco is now secondarie and I love snake mostly because the newly learned mortor slide so watch out for my mortor sliding killer python of snake whatever LOL ^_^
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