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we like ike
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    hey sure

    just msg me up on aim: hailikefood
    good news ive goten super smash the orignal on my emulator that i can play online :) project64k hit me up if you whould like to play some time with project64k
    im a decent smash player and im here looking for some freinds to bs about smash with you know just hanging out and what not
    i do not have smash and need it baddd i have to settle for the latest demo of super smash flash 2 unless im over at my brothers house here is a list of my best chars
    1.ike this fast fire emblem monster is my best his eruption and eether moves are so usefull a chargeing specil and a great final smash all in all a great awesome char PREPARE YOURSELF! to sum it up in a few words I LIKE IKE!
    2.fox and falco a tie fox more speed oriented and falco is more power orientid there both great chars and easy to pick up with final smash for the ages and a smash atack that does 30% charged full great chars all around
    3. sonic come on cheapy mic cheap cheap here has one of the best final smashs in the game is fast and has some great tuants YOUR TO SLOW!
    4.peach great specil moves and smash atacks and a very usefull final smash eat the peachs then luanch away!
    5. pit great manuverabilty and final smash spamy projectile sheild wings what doesnt he have?!
    allso its a tie btween captain falcon and ike for number one FALCON PAWNCH!
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