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  • I asked him the day we tabulated the results and told him to knight you. Is there a choice to check "Smash Writer" under groups in your User Panel?
    Since you mentioned insurance, I should tell you that you should definitely make sure you have some kind of insurance, both property, and life. For FAST, since we had it at a YMCA, they covered us for life insurance, but not for property, so when an Xbox was stolen we had to pay for it out of the pot X_x. Make sure that if the venue doesn't provide insurance that you get it, running a tournament without insurance is just asking for trouble.
    Uh well it doesn't help that you live in a different country first of all, I can't really answer any questions pertaining to legalities, since you live in Australia.

    I would assume that it would be legal there, as it is here in America; basically as long as someone gives you money willingly, you are committing no crime, since it was an exchange between two people, however I would check with the laws in your country though.

    As far as online ticketing goes, I used www.acteva.com, an event management company who helped plan everything. They were very helpful in that they managed all my money, set up a nice webpage, and were able to process credit cards, however they were very slow to get the money to me (i still have yet to recieve the rest of my money from FAST, an estimated 3100 USD). I would recommend taking this route for anything you would plan, but go with a different company for sure. Paypal is also a good option but I don't have much experience with that, so I can't tell you for sure.
    Hope I could help. :colorful:
    I'll Brawl you if you give me your fc,

    mine: 1375-8635-4694
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