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Recent content by Verda Stelo

  1. Verda Stelo

    Need help with the Peach match up

    https://youtu.be/ilC2EOjtT2I Nice win over DoH at the last S@X. I really like how the use of platforms played out between the two of you throughout the set. You occasionally retreated to the platforms but usually you were threatening to set up camp and then just challenging Peach from above...
  2. Verda Stelo

    Need help with the Peach match up

    Camping the top platform, especially on BF and DL, is a viable strategy versus Peach. She either has to expend her double jump or approach from the side platforms to reach you. You have to be smart about it because Luigi isn't as good at platform camping as Fox or Falco, but you can really...
  3. Verda Stelo

    just wondering about triple jab

    I tested it and yes the booty blast does indeed cancel your momentum. I don't see any major application of it as jabs are okay at their best but it's certainly good to know. More useful in doubles for sure.
  4. Verda Stelo

    Need help with the Peach match up

    Vist what do you think of FD vs Peach? In some ways it makes her floating and consequential frame positive shield pressure feel very oppressive, but I also feel like it could be limiting to Peach. Both characters use platforms for various reasons; Luigi uses them to move around Peach and contest...
  5. Verda Stelo

    Need help with the Peach match up

    Peach's bair is a big problem for Luigi in neutral. You need to very carefully mix up your spacing and timing of your own bair to properly contest it and force Peach into a situation that you can win more easily. Make sure to employ moonwalks to help you trade with her bair. Bair -> waveland...
  6. Verda Stelo

    clink on down b

    Like most everything in the Marth matchup it's a "50/50" though. Will Marth dtilt or will he grab? You lose one and put yourself in an advantageous situation in the other. And Marth can react to it pretty easily. It's a really strong gimmick though.
  7. Verda Stelo

    Techchases on Spacies

    The short answer is yes. I would direct you to the 20GX on Luigi thread where we're discussing this in depth already for any further posts.
  8. Verda Stelo

    20GX on Luigi techchase

    Since we're referring to the highly optimized future of the metagame, utilt is suboptimal compared to the regrab which is guaranteed due to the limited amount of DI options as well as the known set of options from their contact with the ground. Utilt is susceptible to smash DI which can...
  9. Verda Stelo

    20GX on Luigi techchase

    So the way that I've begun to tech chase throws on fastfallers may be slightly less theoretically sound but seems slightly easier. At low percents uthrow gives you a much larger window to position yourself to be able to react to the four tech options. Depending on percent and DI you can choose...
  10. Verda Stelo

    Luigi's Spotdodge

    Don't forget that in situations where you're hitting ftilt you could be landing fsmash as well. It's one of Luigi's more situational moves but often in the last stock, high percent situations where both players are just trying to land anything I've seen myself and other Luigis repeatedly land...
  11. Verda Stelo

    How too trick your opponent?

    You don't necessarily have to whiff a move to see how your opponent reacts to it. With enough focus and experience (I cannot overstate how important experience is in the development of this skill), you can remember how your opponent reacted to any situation and with that knowledge you can build...
  12. Verda Stelo

    Help with the Puff matchup

    I'm not sure that any stages truly favor Puff in this matchup. Some are debatable and certainly come down to personal preference and the Puff's playstyle but consider each stage: YS - A debatable one, considering that there isn't much stage to land on if you're getting hit at higher percents...
  13. Verda Stelo

    Help with the Puff matchup

    Learn to throw fireballs and watch how your opponent reacts to them. The animation is a little long for fireballs to be a real neutral-defining option but properly spaced (maximum range at least) they can force your opponent to act in some way that you can react to and punish. Puff shields...
  14. Verda Stelo

    SD Remix - 3.3 Full with Slippi Rollback Released!

    Designing a game that only builds upon Melee is an epic undertaking that requires finesse, cleverness, and discipline. How can you take these characters and modify them to be as good but not necessarily better than Fox? It takes careful design that should be deliberate and thought out. Giving...
  15. Verda Stelo

    Pivot out of Wavedash - Is this good?

    I've definitely been spamming it a bit in friendlies and at locals. It's how you discover new ways to apply a tech and how it can be punished in certain situations. Far away knockdown -> wd pivot is an amazing setup to force get up from people and be able to react to every option. Pivot...
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