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  • Oh, gonna play him at Genesis? How cool ^_^
    You didn't enter? Why not? =(
    And don't worry, both of us will get better :]
    Mango Juice was my 2nd tourny..since no one ever
    can give me a ride >_> Give me a ride! LOL jk x]

    -A Rookie-
    Oh, Spaz was a white girl x] And have you ever played the other VANS?
    Did you go to WCSL? And if you did, how'd you do?
    But at Mango Juice, In pools I lost to psychomidget,
    GERM, LMNZ, and JTB *makes ashamed expression*
    Record: 3-4
    I need more practice. x___x

    -A Rookie-
    Oh, you are a girl! I heard that VANS was a girl and I asked people on YouTube
    and they were like, "naw, it's a guy." So I was confused xP
    But yay, a girl smasher ^__^
    You're pretty, and you play smash? How sexy is that?
    Lol. I beat a girl smasher named "SPAZ" at Mango Juice lmao xD

    -A Rookie-
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