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$$$ Wario's Opinion Index $$$
(I forgot this existed and holy **** what a dumb little **** I used to be.)
Super Mario Bros.
I don't like 2-D Mario as much as 3-D Mario, besides Super Mario World, which is one of my favorite games. New Super Mario Bros. wasn't even that fun the first time around.

The Legend of Zelda
I like Zelda but I don't love it. Link's Awakening is probably my favorite. BotW certainly made me care about the series again, after Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword utterly destroyed any interest I had.

Favorite series of all time. Love pretty much ever Metroid game except Other M and Fusion, although I dislike Fusion mainly because people overrate it all the time. Which is petty, yeah, but...uh...YOU'RE petty! Federation Force was fun if not incredibly poorly timed and Samus Returns made me excited to see what that team could do without Metroid 2's awful groundwork.

Give me Wario Land 5 (6?) please. I miss when Wario was crude Indiana Jones and not...whatever he is now. More muscle, less HAHA LE CRAZY FART MAN WOW SO FUNNY XDDD.

Smash Bros.
I'm of the opinion that it needs new blood and a new direction. You can't just keep bloating the roster forever. That said, Ultimate looks fun and I'm cool with having one last hurrah of the old style before moving on to the new one. Smash 4 might as well have been a Barbie game with as little interest I had in it.

Pokemon's alright.

Donkey Kong (Country or Otherwise)
I could never get into Donkey Kong. Not for lack of trying, mind you, but I just couldn't. Doesn't mean I don't respect some DAMN good game design though.
Nov 4, 1991 (Age: 31)
Indiana, US
Smash 64 Main
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