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  • We are having another race tonight at 9 pm EST. Join my room at that time, ok?
    If you cannot show up, please let me know ok? Be on before hand so that we can get ready. 1977-0574-4196. Hey this is MAH's fc. I will be on his MKW account. So don't look for my open room. Look for his, ok? I need yours again ok?
    The FN Race begins in 50 mins at 8 pm EST. Be sure to enter my room. If you can't make it, please let me know ok? These are the people who are suppose to be joining:

    Heartz (MOW/SWF)
    Dark Link (MOW)
    DevilWillCry (SWF)
    leechaolan (SWF)
    KrazyZeldaFan (MOW)
    Agent Snop (SWF)
    Cheesey Bro 96 (MOW/HW)
    Naos (MOW/SWF/HW)
    tmrt (SWF)
    TadaFoo (HW)
    Chase (MOW/HW)

    We have room for one more.
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