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  • Why thank you. Me and Skyler are trying to find avatars with giant Foxes behind them. I could only find one, so we're using the same one but i reversed mine.

    Same here, but he's just so irritating. He's like, emotionless, so it feels like you're talking to some kind of robot/tree... thing. I try to ignore him though. I said one thing about him making some useless spam threads somewhere, so he messages me and is all "Name ONE thread of mine that was useless." Harassment. :mad:

    Are you serious? There's plenty of things that really do deserve infractions... but I guess deleting the messages teaches them a lesson. :mad:
    You're the perfect Lucario mod, then. People like the RK Joker guy... Iunno, something about him and his opinions make me wish he was one of those kids that you're allowed to discipline.

    Lol, have you infracted anyone yet?
    Man. I have like, 3800 and I don't even spam. xD

    That's probably better than where I work, I actually like McDonalds.

    So you abuse it outside of VM's? xD

    Little cousin? Cool.
    I don't have Spring Break for another week. >_> But I still got work tomorrow. Do you have a job?
    You sure? Azua does it all the time, lol. I don't think it matters, it was just a VM.

    So what's up?
    I always figured Lucario to be more of an athletic hunk. Who knew, who knew.
    That sig is too good.
    i've pulled so many all-nighters lol.
    Scrubs? I honestly never watched one episode. i dunno, i just don't like medical comedy, lol.
    haha, you little girl. I'm always up late, I'm a night owl.
    I usually pass out at about 3 or 4 in the morning, on weekdays too.
    haha, lemme know how that goes.

    I'm actually up pretty late, it's 3:37 here. I don't sleep much...
    I have 5 of these enormous fish pillows. They're about 4 feet tall. I love em'.

    Lol, that's actually pretty cool. It's partially blue now, right? I don't get people that do stuff like pink and green, though. It's like they're trying to be characters from some mediocre anime.
    (it was from like, 5 years ago when I looked even more like a little kid. >_> I passed out on top of my giant fish pillows.)

    Heha, then try out the chocolate brown this time. xD I haven't actually dyed my hair yet, i'm fine with how it is. blue hair? ;o
    Might be because I'm pretty short. Barge even called my old picture "Cute, adorable." stuff like that.

    Mine's a light brown. Heha, it's just like that, emo without the emo. It's short in the back, with some of it almost going past my eyes.

    I say go dark, mannnn. but that's just my opinion because dark makes you look mysterious.
    yeah, I guess so. It looked good, but it wasn't what I asked for.
    I did get some positive reviews. I've been told I look adorable, lol.
    it's like a bowl, only it looks good.
    It was full and all. But I did enjoy the hugs. :(
    15 minutes? xD I'd rather have a bad haircut than go through that, but it's only because I'm impatient with "stupid" people, lol.

    I only didn't like the haircut because it made me look like a little kid. I walk right out after the haircut, and like, 6 of these girls run up and hug me.
    YESZ. :falcon:

    oh wow. That sucks. I had my mop cut a few days ago, I asked her to just trim the top so it's not as thick. It was probably worse than your's.
    that was the greatest response to that picshure ever.
    no joke. So how was your day?! :mad:
    lawl you got it so wrong.

    lol yeah, you don't talk to anyone. which is surprising.
    Seriously? I only kept the hersheys/kit-kats. I miss the old kit-kat commercials, those were the ****.

    Heha, yeah. I already play against the best in my state. It's insanely fun playing at a high level. Problem is, you don't get payed a lot. At all.
    lol, was that booty thing a gay joke in disguise? Last time I went was last year, ackshually. I still go with my little cousin, since he'd feel embarassed if my uncle came. I put the candy I take in my hopper. (The loader thing.)

    Yeah! They are. Mine costszs $2,200, I have about 4. It's probably my favorite hobby, I'd be able to go pro soon if I could play more often, I'm already good friends with some pros I met a few months ago. Then I'll get paid to play a game. :D
    sounds fun. I never get to crash anyone's party, few people even realize October 29th even exists.

    I still dress up in a penguin costume or my paintball stuff and scare my friends. I got stopped by a cop once because he thought my gun would actually kill someone, lol.
    lololmaolol that was the most amazing VM ever, dude.
    Lenny, Tuck, and Ming Ming too! We're Wonder Pets, and we'll help you!

    they're a new guinea pig, duck, and turtle. with capes.
    Nah, that's fine. ^^ I'm not really sad about it anyway, since I only have to go through some minor, constant pain. I should be fine, so I'll be able to attend tourneys/rep Lucario/visit smashboards.

    Do you have an October birthday as well? :evil:
    Thanks for saying so, man. :( But yeah, it's hereditary. My dad had it, his dad did, and my dad before that. They're positive I will, but it's fine, it's a curable cancer.

    ... you win this one, Timbers. >____>
    I saw. This is the only forum I ever visit, I just have free time nowadays. I'm partially bedridden, what with having a potential cancer. I have Hodgkin's, since it's hereditary in my family. I just post here a lot cuz' I have to much time to play it.

    Also, I only have the symptoms, I don't have the actual cancer yet, but it's coming. :mad:

    This place is just too fun.

    and no.
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    Join Date: 12-14-2008

    I'm sorry. :c I just talk to a lot of people.
    So you think you can dance?

    +1 Visitor Message.
    +1 notifications.
    I'll bet you think this is another mod congratulation when you see the message.
    Well, no. :mad: I don't care.
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