I provide the threads on knowledge of... anything smash brothers! I specialize in Ultimate and SSB4, but I know some stuff in other smash games as well.

I very flexible with the roster in each game.
Apr 8, 2001 (Age: 19)
Melee Main
Brawl Main
Smash 3DS Main
Smash Ultimate Main


I provide the threads on knowledge of... anything Smash Bros! I specialize in SSB4 and Ultimate, but I know a lot stuff in other smash games as well.
Mains::ultrob::ultchrom: Major Secondaries::ultgnw::ultroy::ultdk::ultjoker: Minor Secondaries::ulthero::ultcloud::ultsamus::ultbowser::ultzelda::ultness::ultbayonetta::ultganondorf::ultmewtwo::ultlittlemac::ultwendy:
Main: :4ness: Major Secondaries: :4corrinf::4bayonetta::4bowser::4rob::4mario: Minor Secondaries::4myfriends::4dk::4metaknight::4diddy::4sheik::4mewtwo::4gaw::4wendy::4ganondorf:
Mains: :pit::falco: Main Secondaries: :wolf::dedede::olimar::gw::rob: Minor Secondaries: :dk2::lucas::ness2::kirby2::bowser2::ganondorf:
I am very flexible with the roster for each game.

The Best Customs
The Worst Customs
PGR v5 Updates and PGR v4 Recap
Best/Worse Incarnation of Each Character
Top 5 Most OP Characters in Smash
Changes to Customs for the Future
Character Progress in 2018 (4/16/18)
PGR Players Progression in PGR v5
Alternate Costumes in Smash Ultimate (Speculation)
Final Smashes in Smash Ultimate
Legal Stages in Smash Ultimate
Top 10 Non-E3 Characters with the Most Potential
Variations in SSB4



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