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  • Sorry about that lag bro. idk why that always happens to me during tournament matches.

    It took me forever to find you.lol. i had no idea your tag was apple now.
    haha lol well im gonna catch some sleep nao, but whenever tomorrow should work. fox keeps owning you cuz Fox is AWESOME!
    thanks on the fox comment and ggs. i picked him up like a week ago but I love him. The problem is that theres no good guide in the fox boards so im makin up my playstyle as i go.
    Well I was before brawl, but every now and then me and nc go back and he owns me but u=its still fun. I play falco. His bros hate brawl love melee so he plays it alot with them

    Maybe someday ill get some melee vids of me v him
    aight with ninjaconk. Yah re 4 is fun its like nc's fav game that and banjo not 360 tho n64. I like a variety of games. fps are fun but others like tekken and brawl rock too. heave u ever played like we ski or shaun whites snowboarding with the balance board, its god! I've only played little big planet a couple of times but it rocked. One other game I want is spore.
    well yah but most of them are on ps3 too. gears of war 2, god of war, cod is mad fun, plus im good at fps so, halo has good multiplayer live. 4 on 1 system and u can just mute people. army of two, tom clancy, viva pinata(u no it!), NINJA GAIDEN. OOPS CAPS. there are more but i dont have them off the top of my head.
    well u could just do wat my friends do, askk for it for ur b-day/ x-mas/ other holiday, for a year then next year renew it.
    yah well i had an snes mini, then my friend informed me he had no cables to a snes so i took it of his hands. Plus my n64 broke(trying to portablize it) and I saw a lot of 3 on eBay and got it. just in case. My ps1 is sort of unplayable cuz im tryin to portablize that
    I mean ps3 ownes 360 better wifi plus dont have to pay but I only have one friend with a ps3(and he has a 360, spoiled kids!) and like 14 witha 360 so if I were to get 1 it'd be a 360
    yah cod 5 is good but its not like the ones on 360 or ps3. I have a fake nes, 2 snes, 3 n64 ps1,ps2,xbox,gcn,wii,and a lost genesis. plus like ds and stuff. but besides the wii, ps2 and gcn IO had to buy all of them. well excluding the xbox too lol. Yo get that ps3. I was pissed cuz my friends dad brought it home cuz he was like it was cheaper then a blu ray so I got this.
    Yah well I'm not sure if they do it where you live, they prob do, but every yet me and my friend (actually ninjaconker) go riding our bikes around to see what people trash. One mans junk is another mans treasure right? Well I see an XBOX there and the video cord and power supply are with it. Since he already has one, I get the xbox and he gets the computer laying next to it. Man that was so awesome. I want a 360 now cuz of it. Lots of my friends have them and live thit cod4 is just godly. dont like world at war as much. I kinda wannas buy a RRoD off eBay and sent it into microsoft and get one cheaper. But the xbox works perfectly and i now have halo1,2 and battlefront 1,2 plus 2 controllers for it. But god I have so many systems that I've gotten over the years.
    Also going back to da roots is fun 64 and magay. Wave landing with luigi then tauntkick while sliding is godly. But I also think you should try playing like classic games like nes, snes, n64, ps1, i guess gcn and xbox (hehe found mine on the side of the road on trash day.)
    mkw is fun just to wifi it up cuz when u dont have anyone to play with its good. Plus the anyone wifi is godly. You should main solo but just get ready to get your *ss handed to you. hehe by me. Or just getting like 6 mains is aloways fun. for me its trash tier (ganon jiggz c. flacs and link) plus like lucas and random (maining random is awesome.)
    Yah it was like that when I fafced dad. I thought he would 3 stock me easy. But I just stayed in there. As you could see me edgehogging was just standing in the middle of the stage cuz i didnt wanna kill myself. So are you just gonna like pickup other chars and play friendlies for a while for the fun less competetive side of the game or are you just like dropping the game in general for like mario kart or some 360/ps3 games?
    Man, didn't see that one coming I must say. So tell me how godly was he. Was he up to snuff like we thought.
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