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Tech-Nelium the Shark

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  • Yea DDD is really gay and u have to camp xtremely well to beat him.. they dont even have to be that good lmao hes that ******** XD ICs are hard to, i dont know the MU and the only good ICs i have play with is Aglow, I 2-0 him the only time i played him in tournament match and i have played some friendlies with him recently and hes improved, its still gay one grab ur dead, the main goal is breaking nana away and KO her... after that its a piece of cake. Falco is gay too, but manageble... if u dont like getting CG to spike just give the guy some free % by droping a 'nade and C-4 urself that way he cant CG really CG anymore. u can still be smart and be good without it but either way its hard.. guess its safer to give him a small lead for each stock XD could be worth it against a good Falco.


    DDD: 60-40
    Falco: 55-45
    ICs: 50-50 (or a slight advantage over them)
    well yea thats camping xtra hard lol and of course the smarter players will be able to approach, not with ease if done right, and then its all a matter of "how" to react. either run away and keep camping or punish. either way a good asss player will beat u on that game. and the lower will have a hard time touching you. it all comes to how well u camp and react. I just bought a new controller cuz my old ones keep messing up... with this it'll all be human mistake :p but yea I camp my hardest against DDDs, ICs and Falcos. I somewhat do it to MKs and warios as i feel the need. I have been out of shape my self and i tend to get bored if i practice lol but I'll most likely just go like that and warm up over there :) I may regret it though >_<
    well yea I dont hurry the kill, i just wait for it no matter if i rack the other person to 200% i love it when they get too close that they just ask to get kill. and yea if i where to camp really good and let my 'nades do all the wracking a simple Ftitl does it, or Dtilt depending on the % its all about patience and good timing :)
    I HATE MKS UPB!!! so ******** when ur trying to recover, I just try to mind game, not automatically Upbing after i jump cuz its too predictable, i mix it up either wait a little untill im too low or after a jump take a 'nade so both explode up, footstooling is not too bad as well if hes close enough or jumping backwards and upB as in make some distance so the upB doesnt get u. also i sometimes, as i fall, ake a 'nade and thwo it upwards and wait so when i do jump i blow up upwards giving some distance and getting up there safer.
    yea i sometime do the Oos uptilt. when ur main killing move is Uptilt it sometimes gets hard getting it >_< against good people that is. and that Pwrshield to kill really has its charm. I rarely Dair from above cuz its very punishable if its against an MK that actually knows the MU and knows how to Punish almost anything. I do however Dair after I Dthrow-tech chase or when I read when someone is Dodging (Works great against DDDs cuz they just CG and most of the time theyll dodge instead of rolling cuz all they think about its... grab lol when people roll as well, like u said its a good way to rack up as longs as most of the kicks hit. and its awesome to kill heavy characters like DDD cuz the last hit, as u said earlier, has a broken knock back lol just like the Nair, pressuring that upB (DDD) is too good.
    lol at first i read "Grades" anyways it sounds that u been improving, we'll deff play and i wanna see u play too just to check out ur punishment skills :D MK is still gay lol u gotta play almost perfect cuz of course if u messed up and get punished... it does some serious damage or could cause u a stock >_<

    Just a tip: Try practicing PowerShield to UpTilt it can be very rewarding ^_< You know after power shielding MKs Nair, Dair or a regular un-spaced Fair/Bair... and this isn't limited to MK only of course :p
    I think my brother (SuperWolf) had told me something about that, we'll most likely go :D hows ur Snake doing??? i wanna see u **** MKS bro!
    That'll be cool dude, I hope u end up going to W.A.T.O if not next time for sure :)
    Hey MGLDN, do you want me to make you a Sig? I made one for POONR and for VIPER.... Its got the SwampNiga Crew emblem on it, and i'm using 1 main, 2 alts. Just tell me what your fav colors are.
    Hey dude, You going to W.A.T.O.??? if you go we can get some major friendlies there :)
    So i'm not gonna go to the one this weekend, i dont have the cashhhhh
    Next time though. It's a monthly tourney.
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