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I am a competitive Melee/P:M player, semi competitive Brawl player, and casual 64 player. I'd consider myself high leveled in Melee/P:M, so challenge me if you dare. Not much else to say. Remember, when in doubt, use Falco. When you're not in doubt, use Falco. There may be a clan in the making for netplay. Stay tight.........
Mains= :falcomelee::jigglypuffmelee::foxmelee: Not in that order. In fact, i'm thinking about dropping Jigglypuff. I probably will, but I'll be too lazy to update this. Also i made a twitter account. (hooray). It's just Tails_G_Puff. I also got Facebook but i dont use either of them so it really doesn't matter. Schedule has been too packed as of now. Cya.
December 11
Console ban tho
Brawl FC
Smash 64 Main
Melee Main
Smash 3DS Main
Mega Man
Smash Wii U Main



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