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    Sora Unlocks the Door! (Roxas as an Echo?)

    So, an interesting topic to discuss that I don't think I've seen here. So say Sora gets in as a Disney rep. It's been traditional for Mii costumes to be released alongside it. What Mii costumes would you expect to see here?

    Sora Unlocks the Door! (Roxas as an Echo?)

    This is true. Yoko is supportive and helped with the remixing of her tracks for Smash but as far as legality goes if she didn't want a song from Street Fighter II put in the game and Capcom did, then that's too bad. The publisher that owns the music makes the final call on these things assuming...

    Sora Unlocks the Door! (Roxas as an Echo?)

    Calling it right now. Sora is going to be Challenger Pack 5 or E3 2020 Announcement. We're beating a dead horse in some aspects at this point so for simplicity sake let's assume: -Square is on board -Disney is on board (provided no Disney music or characters are included. This includes Donald...

    so why did we see so little of the hero's stage?

    Debatable. It would distract me from my responsibilities for the next undisclosed period of time. I jest, but I do agree he will be released soon and I think he will get.a dedicated video like Joker.

    The hero talks only in the Japanese version, just like Mewtwo

    Lmao I feel like such a weeb right now. This won't affect me at all since I forced myself to learn 90% of the menu options by heart specifically so I could change the language to Japanese. In addition to being more aesthetically pleasing, many characters have better voices in Japanese (Palutena...

    The One Winged Angel~ Sephiroth Support Thread

    Couple of things I wanted to address in your statement. I agree, Sephiroth is done. FFVII remake will not be coming to Switch because the Switch can't handle it from a hardware standpoint. As far as a second fighters pass, I think it depends largely on how long Nintendo as a company plans on...

    Advice How strong are players in locals / weeklies, should I try going?

    Glad to hear you're getting involved and enjoying going to tournaments! Also repping NC. You should consider going to Just Roll With It this Saturday in Raleigh! It's the biggest tournament the state has each season and 2GG is sponsoring it. It'll be my first tournament outside a 30 minute...

    Advice What's The Best Way to Get Out of a Bad Habit?

    Recognize the moments that this is really screwing you up and you're getting punished or losing neutral. Then, once you've recognized the type of situation you're falling into, try everything but the know it doesn't usually work there, so what do you have to lose? Explore your other...

    Q&A Smash Ultimate Q&A thread

    Guys, I've been playing singles competitively for a few months now. There's a big regional coming up for my state and I entered doubles with my friend on a whim just because we both want more experience and why not? Neither of us expect to do well in doubles at all, but I wanted to ask: how do...

    The hero of Dragon Quest III, Erdrick, joins the battle!

    You know. It was about 10 hours. 10 hours after the direct is when my butthurt and salt wore off. I won't lie, I never played Dragon Quest, couldn't tell you a thing about it. I, like many others, was dismayed to see his inclusion. But here's the thing. I love Smash. I obviously had to get the...

    Heroes Draw Near. Command? (Hero Social Thread)

    They might later, I feel there's obviously going to be another direct or a 4.0 video similar to when Joker was about to come out detailing more. Probably a new mode too.

    The hero of Dragon Quest III, Erdrick, joins the battle!

    I saw someone post a wild stat about DQ and I'm virtually clueless about DQ, I'd never heard of it before March or so. Obviously it's huge in Japan but this person claimed 93% of DQ sales were in Japan, any idea how accurate/inaccurate that is? Regardless, I understand why people are...

    The hero of Dragon Quest III, Erdrick, joins the battle!

    Yeah, that hurt me as Sephiroth (my number one most wanted) is basically deconfirmed without a second fighters pass (unlikely) now. So that really sucks. But here's to hoping I enjoy the new characters.

    Social Banjo-Kazooie Social Thread - Project Dream Come True!

    You know, it's interesting that this is the nature of things for what seems like the first time. The choices for this challenger pack are much more political within the community than ever. Because so many people expect wild third party picks, and so many people love this game. Everyone wants to...

    [SPOILER ALERT] - The Sevens Squares. - A Square-Enix general support threads.

    They tackled two approaches to it. You can play it like an action game or as more of a turn based strategy. That's a big part of the appeal. They literally let you choose between the two ways to play it in an attempt to reach out to old fans and new ones who want a new experience.
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