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Recent content by Suzukipot

  1. Suzukipot

    What Are Your Most Awesome For Glory Matches?

    Anytime I pull off Witch Time into a Smash attack. It's just such a satisfying feeling.
  2. Suzukipot

    Who is your main and why did you pick them?

    I main :peachmelee: because, first and foremost, she's easier to use than my previous Melee main, :icsmelee: I like messing with RNG, I like her powerful Smash attacks and I like how technically demanding she is, right about at my skill range.
  3. Suzukipot

    Some of the best games you've played?

    Smash, of course. Bayonetta 1 + 2 LOZ: Skyward Sword and OOT Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Earthbound and Mother 3 Xenoblade Chronicles
  4. Suzukipot

    Would we be better if we used our dominant thumb?

    I never even considered the fact that I'm left handed when it came to playing, lol. I do have to say, movement is a lot easier.
  5. Suzukipot

    Last Three Smash Amiibo Confirmed; Alternate Versions Inbound

    Definitely picking up both versions of Corrin and Bayonetta, if I can find them, I mean.
  6. Suzukipot

    If you had to add a stage in Smash, what would it be?

    Something else from Fire Emblem, maybe something that resembles an Altean or Tellius stage since we only got one and it's very vague in terms of what game it's based on. Heck, I'd even accept a Fates inspired stage. And a port of Magicant on the Wii U would be nice too.
  7. Suzukipot

    Path to your main

    When I was young and played Melee casually, I really only played the characters recognizable to me and that I really liked (so Pikachu, Yoshi, Zelda/Sheik etc.) but for some reason I was really drawn to Ice Climbers and ended up playing them the most. Fast forward to 2015. I was a strict Ice...
  8. Suzukipot

    What are your favorite comic book heroes/villains?

    Heroes: 1.) Squirrel Girl 2.) Jean Grey 3.) Quentin Quire (he counts as a hero anymore, right?) 4.) Cyclops 5.) Kamala Khan (Aka Ms. Marvel) Villains: 1.) Thanos 2.) Apocalypse 3.) Magneto 4.) The Scarlet Witch 5.) Green Goblin I'm a total Marvel fan girl so they're the characters I pay the...
  9. Suzukipot

    Mindset during Friendlies

    Honestly, during friendlies I don't take it seriously, have fun and warm up my characters. It's a nice way to get some practice in and help me relax when I play against other people.
  10. Suzukipot

    What is your opinions of the Gods?

    New gods? As far as Melee goes? Nah, probably not. The skill cap for the game is already so high and no one is really putting in that much work so I don't think anyone'll ever get that good. The Gods'll probably stick around for a while. As far as that being a good thing? I dunno. It is good, in...
  11. Suzukipot

    How would you explain Melee in 1-2 Sentences?

    It's an old game for the Nintendo GameCube that's developed a large competitive scene with a lot of learning involved if you want to get into it. Also Fox.
  12. Suzukipot

    How many times have you changed Smash mains?

    With Sm4sh I've changed my mains a decent number of times. For example, I first started off playing Duck Hunt, WFT and Lucina when I was just getting acquainted to the game before I transitioned to Lucas, ZSS and Sheik before it became what it is now; Lucas, Dark Pit/Pit and Bayonetta. Hopefully...
  13. Suzukipot

    If you had spent all your time with something else instead of Melee?

    Honestly, if I wasn't spending what little time I spend on Melee already doing something else, I'd probably be putting more effort into Smash64 or Sm4sh.
  14. Suzukipot

    What game are you currently playing?

    Since I've fallen into the Fire Emblem dumpster I'm playing two games right now: Path of Radiance and FE F: Birthright. Birthright...just...hurts. I love Nohr so joining Hoshido and then having, well, everything that happens in that game happen, just wrecked me. Path of Radiance is really good...
  15. Suzukipot

    Best Way to Practice Alone?

    if you're just starting out, I would definitely recommend practicing against CPU's, at least until you get your basic techskills down. If you want something a little more advanced after that point, I'd recommend downloading the Melee ISO.
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