Who am I?:
I'm a 18 year old Smash player who has a dream of going to a Melee tournament someday and win at least a match to know how it feels like and to get somewhere in the community.

My Smash story (if you want to waste your time):
I've been playing Melee since I was a kid (6 or 7) and it was my most played game along with other games (1080º Avalanche, Super Mario Sunshine, etc.). I started looking at competitive Smash videos around 2013 or so and then started watching combo videos, featuring Mang0/M2K/Hax/Westballz/Isai and other great SSB players. After that, I began playing SSBM and I knew that with practice, I could get good somehow.

After reading about all the techs (or most), I found an SSBM hack called "20XX: Training Hack Pack" which looked familiar to me because I knew about the whole 20XX meme, but not about the hack inspired in it. I looked into it and after some time, I got better at Melee. I haven't stopped playing Melee since then. With the help of this modpack, I got to implement more techniques into my gameplay.

Also, thanks to everyone in the Smash community for doing those awesome combo videos and those great Top 10 Plays (shoutouts to GRsmash, EvenMatchupGaming (EMG) and everybody else). Thank you so much for making awesome videos that made me learn even more about the Super Smash Bros. series!

NSFAQ (Not So Frequently Asked Questions, since almost no one asks me these things):
Q: "What are your mains?"
A: Check my signature, they are all there.
Q: "Do you play any other games besides Super Smash Brothers?"
A: Yeah, in fact, I have a Steam account where I play some games. This is the link:
Q: "Will you upload a tech video of you demonstrating your skills so far or a video of you playing Smash competitively?"
A: Once I get a good capture device for my Wii, I will.
Q: "Have you ever played at locals/tournaments or with anyone that is not close to you?"
A: Eh... I played an SBBB match at a convention around Brawl's release date (2008/2009, I think), but I was very young and I didn't do any good at it, so it doesn't count. I've never played at locals or anything, but I'm planning on doing that soon when the time comes and I'm prepared for it.
Sep 16, 2000 (Age: 18)
Smash 64 Main
Captain Falcon
Melee Main
Brawl Main
Project M Main
Smash Wii U Main
Smash Ultimate Main

Contact Username


[Mains]: SSB64: :falcon64::mario64:| SSBM: :linkmelee::falconmelee:| SSBB: :link2::falcon:| PM: :link2::falcon::ganondorf:| SSB4: :4link::4falcon:| Ultimate: :ultlink:


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