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Recent content by Stif

  1. Stif

    Spring Lake Smash Thread

    Yoooooo dude whats up, always good to meet more SL/GH/Skee Smashers. We usally don't have any smash 4 or any smash 4 events but I am sure some people would be in to play it, especially because the crew seems farily open to playing non Melee smash games. We don't currently have any smash 4...
  2. Stif

    Spring Lake Smash Thread

    Melee Shines at Byte Club (spiritual successor to SLO) results: http://challonge.com/Byteclubmelee
  3. Stif

    are you in the Michigan state smash facebook group?

    are you in the Michigan state smash facebook group?
  4. Stif

    NatuFest IV Full results thread

    Lain won every event..............
  5. Stif

    Midwest [Jun 20, 2015] Spring Lake Open 2 (Spring Lake, MI)

    SLO 2 Results http://smashboards.com/threads/spring-lake-open-2-results-thread.407584/
  6. Stif

    Spring Lake Smash Thread

    SLO 2 results http://smashboards.com/threads/spring-lake-open-2-results-thread.407584/
  7. Stif

    Spring Lake Open 2 Results Thread

    Another great year of SLO, for all you who choose to not drive out you missed out on pools, 2 double elim brackets, a teams round robin and draft crews so get wrecked I guess. Shoutouts to Goon for being a quality Co-TO Ginger for winning and selling himself so a KZOO car would come Lansing for...
  8. Stif

    Michigan Melee Social Thread and Power Rankings

    IMO KJH has gotta do a little better this year at majors than in the previous years. A lot of Kzhu's ranking was becuase of EVO and Big House not the MI scene. KJH started good with Apex though, it'll all depend on the big summer majors.
  9. Stif

    SWEET XIX Results [3/14/15 - Ann Arbor, MI] feat. Duck, Kage, Vwins

    Shout outs to double fox, and to goonsquad for carrying SL Also shout outs to Sterling Heights for making this the first tourney I went positive in MMs Final shout out to mars for killing it in bracket commentary with me
  10. Stif

    Spring Lake Smash Thread

    Shoutouts to the stif tip http://www.twitch.tv/meleeitonme/b/494532688?t=1h08m45s
  11. Stif

    SWEET XVIII Results [2/21/15 - East Lansing, MI]

    Shoutouts: All the TOs for saving the tourney rather gracefully, and not asking for my help Goonsquad for playing good in teams, even if you do still SD alot Tim for having a bunch of great ideas with the commentary schedule All the commentators for listening to me and being hyper low...
  12. Stif

    Michigan Melee Social Thread and Power Rankings

  13. Stif

    Official Ask Anyone Frame Things Thread

    Damn this **** is sexy, thanks @Kadano
  14. Stif

    Spring Lake Smash Thread

    Link to SLs Apex 2015 fantasy https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1i3_gkGu1VsG07j13XFresUIRT6pGD_N1V8n8p1UFX9g/edit#gid=0
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