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  • Hey Alex, its been a while. I have some videos that I may post online that you should check out. My skill level has increased since we last played, my friends skill has increased as well and he can play everyone pretty well now except for Samus...lol. Well dude, my friend is leaving in the next couple of months and I really want to see u guys play each other (if u are still into ssb), let me know if you think this could work. Hope u r acing ur classes, nothing is more important (not even ssb, unfortunately)
    Yo man, So if broke up with my gf, so no more moving to Texas for me...Any luck on the car situation? I really need to switch up playing good players to get better.
    So, I have two questions i was wondering if you could answer.

    1. Is there anyway to combo into jigglypuffs sing (up b) move (that you know of), I think up tilts might work but don't know for sure.

    2. At what percentage is this possible to do with Fox, d-tilt, sh f-air, to an up smash?

    Thanks dude, let me know if you can play in January
    Yo man, sorry i have been MIA, I am an accounting major and I have to take the Audit part of my CPA exam this month (17th), after that tho, we need to find a way to smash...Just a thought, I an SUV, a car adapter with two ports, one for a big tv, and the other for the N64, we could play one day after your work or something like that.
    Hey man,

    I am about to get on, my controller works ok, its just the joy stick sensitivity levels are a little wierd, i cant jump with them, tho tilts work ok, and i dont use the c buttons except for short hops. Any help would be appreciated, just hit me back if you are on
    I lost the contact info for someone I need to contact. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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