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    『SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI』General Thread

    I kinda feel sad most people online are angry at the SMT games just because the direct was small. People should really look at this as with Persona in Smash, SMT could come to Smash Bros and the new protagonist could be the standard for SMT characters same as Luminary is the DQ Hero standard.
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    The Lavender Kunoichi, AYANE, takes it to the Xtreme!

    Maybe she could use a totally new suit for SSBU!
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    Vault Boy for Smash

    Well congrats in getting a Vault Boy costume! It looks great!
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    Social Mintendo Noodle House - Min Min Social

    Congrats MinMin fans in getting her in!
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    Hi! Just saying, I am surprised your second pic from Soul Calibur to be in Smash Bros is...

    Hi! Just saying, I am surprised your second pic from Soul Calibur to be in Smash Bros is Sophitia! She is my main SoulCalibur choice and current overall character to be in Smash. Wish more noise could be made to make her notice, but it was nice and surprising that you place her that high! Bye...
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    You can say the same about Morena here in Mexico.

    You can say the same about Morena here in Mexico.
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    One of the remaining NES all-stars - Bill “Mad Dog” Rizer for Smash (and maybe Lance Bean as an echo/alt).

    How did I miss this thread!? Really wish to see the Contra guys as they are third party NES classics alongside Mega Man, Simon and the Lee brothers! I feel they should go as they did with the Koopalings and how I wish they had went with the Belmonts, skins! Bill is the main one, Lance is the...
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    We are INVADERS, from SPACE! The Space Invaders Support Thread

    I would love to see them at least as AT or a spirit battle as Space Invaders is a true video game landmark legend!
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    The Bloodstained Shardbinding Maiden- Miriam Support thread (WIP)

    I was not even sure if to make this support thread as I am not popular here, but sure! Count me in as a supporter! I doubt she has chances but I am OK.
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    What is your most hated criticism against your most wanted character?

    She dresses too skimpy. She was never relevant, Nightmare is the mascot, the symbol and the actual main character of the series. You just want her because you are a perv. Sakurai (more like ZERO) will never let her in! She is too white. Those are the ones I get on Sophitia. As for Cassandra...
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    TOASTYYYYYYYYY! Scorpion for Smash!

    OK seeing as Friendships are back; and people seem to love them... why not having the Friendship being the Final Smash? The idea is the following, as Scorpion is about to activate his Final Smash; we hear the "Finish Him/Her/Them" voice. As that happens, the screen zooms it at Scorpion as he...
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    The King of Fighters - Kyo for Smash! (Game Over! Maybe Next Time?)

    To think we are getting a WWE crossover with SNK before than one with DC Comics...
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