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Recent content by SSBCandidates

  1. SSBCandidates

    Steve Rocks Smash! Steve (and Alex) Social Thread

    I know it is late, But to all of you true Minecraft and Steve fans, who really wanted with all your heart he and the others; I really feel happy for all you! Congrats and blessings. 😃
  2. SSBCandidates

    The Rothion Mauler herself, Cassandra Alexandra heads into Super Smash Brothers! (Now present as DLC character in SoulCalibur VI!!)

    Look, after the inclusion of the Minecraft characters in Smash Bros and how Nintendo wrecked my original Switch unit instead of repairing it, I do not care for Smash Bros nor gaming anymore as I will no longer give of my money to any company if they keep making bad decisions. So if someone...
  3. SSBCandidates

    Sophitia Alexandra for Smash Bros. A Tale Eternally Retold.

    And I quit. I no longer care for Super Smash Bros. If someone wants this support thread, you can have it. If Nintendo wants for costumers people like -Dark Track-, dino, derpdoge Crack, and Josh Villalobos then I am done giving my money to the gaming industry.
  4. SSBCandidates

    Climbing the Ranks - Travis Touchdown For Switch Smash!

    I kind of do not like Henry's new look.
  5. SSBCandidates

    Rex Drives into Battle! (...As Pyra's Final Smash!!)

    Well I guess it is nice he is in somehow...
  6. SSBCandidates

    The Imposter among The Crewmates: Among Us Support Thread

    It is highly possible they will get in today.
  7. SSBCandidates

    Newcomer Stock Icons

    I fear to ask this as I am not popular in these boards, and usually I am told that I am greedy for asking for too many characters ever since the Nsider forum days.
  8. SSBCandidates

    Mystical Ninja/Ganbare Goemon - Goemon Team - (Goemon Mii costume. "ONLY $0.75")

    Same with me, I do not see any reason to pay for such services if they are not an improvement over the service of past consoles. Many would say it is one's fault of not having cloud data back up but not all games have that and I have heard the cloud service is not a guarantee.
  9. SSBCandidates

    Official DLC Speculation Discussion Volume II

    Truth is, I wanted Tifa in Smash way before Cloud or Sephiroth as yeah she actually seems as someone who fights, while the others are swordmen, but this is before the whole "sword user" thing which I believe is silly. THis because maybe Clould and Sephy would be too high profile for the game...
  10. SSBCandidates

    Climbing the Ranks - Travis Touchdown For Switch Smash!

    I am sorry but what do you mean with Toxic Masculinity? I know there are guidelines in this forum but that sounds harsh, why is it OK to view masculinity as something evil? Yeah Travis is an Anti-Hero who lusts for women, but that is the point of his character. Why is it OK if a female lesbian...
  11. SSBCandidates

    Official DLC Speculation Discussion Volume II

    Seeing as Sophitia Alexandra is getting support here, yeah I want to say it would be great if the next Namco rep is Sophitia Alexandra from Soul Calibur, or her sister Cassandra Alexandra. With Travis Touchdown seemingly de-confirmed, I always like his brother Henry Cooldown better. Maybe we...
  12. SSBCandidates

    The General Bandai-Namco Discussion Thread

    Seeing as there is more support for the Alexandra sisters now, I want to say that my choices would be Sophitia Alexandra and/or her sister Cassandra Alexandra. But since they are not there, I will not vote for any choice yet. By the way, was it ever clear if Rolling Thunder is a game series or...
  13. SSBCandidates

    Sophitia Alexandra for Smash Bros. A Tale Eternally Retold.

    Nice to see more people in this support thread in these dark times. And we even got the goddess herself Sophitia in this! :) Yeah it would be nice for both Cassandra and Sophitia to get in, but seems hard. Look I will be honest, with the add of the Minecraft characters in Smash bros as fully...
  14. SSBCandidates

    Sophitia Alexandra for Smash Bros. A Tale Eternally Retold.

    @Night Gale & @KatKit OK here is a recent example, I was writing at youtube on how I felt about Steve in Smash Bros, and this guy -Dark Track- comes and change the subject that I want "Chinese" characters like Sophitia and Cassandra because I m@$$tur(hard for me to write it here)bate to them...
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