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    Yo, you were right.
    (From Smashboards)
    "It is somewhat debated if Meta Knight should be banned from tournaments. A rumor saying that Meta Knight had been banned from Italian tournaments ran through the Smash Community in September, 2008. This rumor was later proven to be false by Italian Smashers themselves, who were just having a poll in the Italian Smashboards asking users if they thought Meta Knight deserved a ban (these kinds of polls were popular in all the Smashboards around the world at the time). The results of the poll were misunderstood and posted on Smashboards as if Italy had banned Meta Knight. "

    i dont know tho, but im doing real real real goot at melee, i fell like im playing a lot better thhan that time ^^ i fell reaal reall good right now.. i gotta play u again soon !!! thehrs gonna be a latinamerican tournament on 2009 september ^^
    I'd be down to hit up some Melee sometime. I'll def get my *** whooped til u can get me up to speed w/ ur new trix.
    That sucks I had this funny image of you being the voice of reason trying to stop a fight while dressed as ganon.

    Couple reasons why I didn't show. No car, no money, Brawl tourney, and a ridiculous hangover after waking up at like 1 p.m., just to name a few. I'll try to be at Linguini's, but even that's not guaranteed with my ****ty luck lately.
    Quote:"The prize is a well earned pat on the back!"

    i was laughing so hard when i read this
    Hey can you remind me how to pull off both of Snake's Mortar moves? I was trying to teach it to Antonio but I couldn't pull it off so I want to make sure I was doing it right.
    Well it appears that Ike didn't forward smash Ryan's house so we can still ask him to do the video stuff for us :)
    Hey you doing anything tomorrow? Want to come over to play Smash again? We could ask Ryan too if he could do whatever with the video.
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