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  • Hey. Shawn made me make a new screen name. now we each have one...his is "Skin" Add both of us :D
    We freaking have an orientation to go to on that day!!! T_T I'll see if I can call and get it arranged for a different day or something. I WANT TO GO TO TEH TOURNEY o_o
    HEY YOYO DAWG HOMIES GGGEE!! WHAT UP YOYO!!! YO YOUR ROBOT IS LIEK TEH CRAZINESS!!!!!! except not! I'll beat you! like i did before!! bwahahahahaha!!!!

    love: hali :D
    those were really fun actually...
    on that last taunt I didn't mean for it to be the "lol, what a ***" one...I'm not a jerk...really...lol
    you were really close on all of them actually...your freakin laser/spinny thing kept trashing my dk for a while
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