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Facebook, YouTube, Deviantart, Wikia, Smash Wiki and a League of Legends account each. :\

I also be a dumb voice actor nut for both Japanese and English VA's; worthless life much?

P.S. Girls are cute in knee-highs and knee-high boots <///.///<;;;;;
P.S. 2: I haven't played Smash for a good while; it's for the best of my sanity.
Dec 17, 1994 (Age: 28)
Millbrae, California
Smash 3DS Main


SneaselSWS, Chengqiao, Zhuuyoh or Juuyoh (the latter two are the same; blame the unique kana/rohmaji-writing-systems) =P
:4falco::4fox::4pit::4darkpit::4metaknight: (Dumb comfort picks : P)
:4mewtwo::4lucario::4feroy::4falcon::4zelda::4wario2: (Mere filler; Zelda's boots = my kind of cute/sexy >//////>;, but still needs to be reworked with buffs tho; meanwhile Wario pick = for fun/trolling)
My precious ones: :215::198:
AKA, Abigdummy4life (YouTube), Zhu Chengqiao (Facebook) and SneaselSawashiro (Deviantart and almost elsewhere)



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