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  • Hey dude!
    Not sure if you remember me, but I guess we have played against each other in For Glory (Kinuski?).
    I was the green Yoshi.

    However, I'd really like to play again, since i really enjoyed the games.
    Interested? :)
    KALLL told me you got back to the scene. It's really nice to hear that, seeing you as the best European DDD. :D
    I saw a video of a friendly at LzR's house, and you were using Bowser. Really liked that Bowser, and I was wondering, do you still use him? We could use other good Bowsers around here.
    Hey there.

    You may or may not know of me, but I've seen your Dedede through some of the Finnish videos and I liked your Dedede. LzR told me of a big event some of Finland is going out to, and I just wanted to say Good Luck. Keep doing well, there's not a lot of us Dedede players left!

    - Tech_Chase

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