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  • Well no, I gathered its Misaka. Character with the coolest superpower ever.

    Copping out to fox is the best obv.

    And iunno lol, I just don't get recorded so even if you wanted to I'd be a pretty unreliable source of vids xD

    And doooo eeeet :)
    Bro, I don't know.

    I still have issues with sheik vs falcon hence I went Fox.

    Though I remembered what I do after beating scar :laugh:

    And who the hell watches me for good shieks. Thats 2008 Evan, its all KK now LOL
    Haha ehh iunno maybe? Its not terribly important to me so Its just w/e happens happens =3

    And omg yes so jelly of their super sleeping powers bro.

    And space ftilts, shoot a gun eh similar range so w/e =3
    LOL its such a silly concept. And no, for whatever reason if you mod the DR they give you free access to it *shrugs* the backrooms are invite only so I guess it ... works differently?

    And if it was -10c I'd literally just start my hibernation. Cuz **** that **** bro =3.

    And you're right I don't I'm not old enough to chase youngsters. I'm old enough where I have to get a gun and shoot at them to make them go away.

    Dude, I've been a mod for the MBR for like 3 months or somehting now and I STILL haven't had access in it. I wanna freakin see what I mod :mad:

    And no -10 cesius is FREEZING LOL.

    And I"m old

    Get off my lawn :mad088:
    Ahhh I didn't check out all of his stuff so *shrugs* on that.

    And LOL man theres no quick check on campus D=. Getting up is hard bro, not all of us have a random urge to run in the middle of 15 degree weather when public transportation is available to us.

    They're all pretty cool iunno man.

    Man I'm so hungry, but I don't wanna get up to eat.

    Woe is me. :(
    So is redjuice supposed to be some artist or something? =O

    I found a site with a bunch of drawings under "redjuice"

    Man I saw like game one of your set.

    Then I turned away.

    You're just a freakin monster now. Freakin


    I hate you.

    Except not really

    Super stretched post for no reason.
    I put this avatar up as soon as I finished watching True Tears. So probably not xD
    Are you going to Zenith or AX?

    I might be able to attend both since I recently landed an internship =3

    And you probably can follow it completely too.

    You should watch S1 though, imo its better.

    Oh, this fight is on btw.

    bo 15 for the right to hug it during the marathon lets do this.
    I'll lend you my advanced electromagnetic field theory book for you to hug while we marathon it.

    Sakura is mine.

    Otherwise this, calls for a fight to the death.
    What no you totally can and should imo =3.

    If we do this, I'm ordering a Sakura plushie so I can hug it during this marathon.

    I don't even care.
    Haha yea I know thats been an issue with me for a while actually. =/

    And sure... after me and Minato marathon Card Captor Sakura on Blue ray feel free to beat it out of me =3
    Hmmm iunno. I guess I can fit it here.

    Basically it goes something along the lines of, I haven't played melee until the day before pound. And all I did was practice my fox thinking thats who I'd use the most.

    Ended up going nearly all sheik and marth.

    Did well in pools then sorta made a really bad decision in brackets. After I lost my first set in brackets I sorta was disappointed and played sloppy next set.

    Heh, not so long after all.
    Dude I'm so bad.

    Hahah if you want a real explanation though I somewhat have one. In case you wanna know.

    I also lost both sets super close :(
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