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  • o my bad sorry for not reply too soon im happy and honored to be friends so how are you Seanson ?

    I'm a french Player , sorry my english is bad
    You are the best lucas i've seen!! you're combo is amazing !!

    I know you probably get this a lot, but, I'm having some trouble with your hitbox thing. I unzip it and run the html thing, but it just shows white where the hitboxes should be. I have the second one down the list at filefront. Any help?

    Thanks in advance, and sorry for bothering you.
    Ugh, I hated I Wanna Be The Guy. It's not a GM game, so that's probably why. =P

    It was just too hard, and I'm not sure why everyone liked it.
    Ah, that stinks.

    Yeah, Jumper 2 is my favorite GM game. Pretty hard too; I don't think I ever got past that train level. I had a lot of fun with the stage creator, though.

    Do you play many other GM games, or did you just run into Jumper by accident?
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