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  • A few minutes ago I came across a really good pikachu in for glory with your name. I was wondering if that was you. I am Anthony who started with an awful Rosalina then switched to Pac-man after that I switched to Villager barely won two rounds and had to leave because my computer was about to be used. I'm terribly sorry if I mistook you for a different Scala.
    Hey wats your friend code I'm looking for some people to play in michigan so it doesnt lag I'm in redford so pred close
    Hey, do you know where I could find Hidamari Sketch online? Either the manga or anime is fine. I could only find the first two episodes on youtube.
    OMG! I read the first volume of the manga a while ago and I loved it! Thanks for that! :D
    Good lord! Is that character in your avatar from Sunshine Sketch? Where did you get that?
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